Doing some landscapping. What are the pro & con of Nadina domestica?

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    1 decade ago
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    NANDINA domestica. Heavenly Bamboo.

    best dang landscape shrub ever. Many, many types. The tallest to 6 feet max. Short ones to 1 1/2 foot. Never needs pruning. to keep it to size remove older canes from the bottom.

    Gives you a variety of foliage colors which change with the seasons. spring and summer flowers. clusters of red holly-like berries in the winter. almost zero maintenance. bugs don't bug 'um. never heard of one getting sick. don't drink much and always looks cool alone or in a group.

    dwarf varieties too. A fine, colorful shrub looks great in any garden.

    All pro, no con.

    I have no idea what that other fellow is talking about? Certainly not the Nandina domestica!

    Source(s): Garden Dok MS MG. Univ of Calif MASTER GARDENER
  • 1 decade ago

    these are pretty plants but you need to go with a dwarf like one as they are slow growers a regular nadina can grow up to 15 to 20 feet tall trust me i know what i am talking about i work in a nursery and i had one planted in my yard just outside my windowi kept it pruned but it seemed to grow faster finally had to take a chain saw to it came back huge the next year finally had to have it dug up as the roots were going under the house,best dwarf is fire power it stays low to the ground and the colors are great in winter.

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