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OK Saddam is dead don't let us forget to honor our late beloved president Gerald Ford don't you agree?


so far alot of terrific answers its great to see Americans that really care!!!yes Rest in peace James Brown what a marvel~~~~~and yes i am 47 i did see Mr. Ford fall~~seems most presidients have done a few silly things they have captured on tape~~THERE ARE TIMES THAT WE STILL CAN STAND AND THANK OUR 4FATHERS AND SAY THANK GOD IM AN AMERICAN HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL SANDY

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    Agree, Saddam was a crazed criminal that caused death and destruction beyond belief.

    President Ford always took the higher road. He was a unique politician. He was loyal, honest and well liked. He chose to sacrifice his own political career to bind the wounds of our nation.

    It is time to honor a true American.

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    He became suitable to criticize Bush We went into Iraq under fake pretenses Al Qiuda became no longer there until whilst we invaded Iraq . No W.M.D.s have been ever got here across Saddam had no ties to Bin-laden you're able to like Bush i think of he's an fool and can have been faraway from place of work in the past. i became no longer prepared on Ford the two I disagreed along with his pardoning difficult Dick yet the place Bush is in contact he became a hundred% suitable.

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    Yes, and don't forget about the Godfather of Soul, Mr. James Brown, either. He was not the best of men (not as bad as Saddam!), but he was an awesome entertainer.

    A lot of high profile people dying this week...

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    Yes, I agree. Gerald Ford should be remembered as well.

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    Gerald Ford was a good guy.

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    Beloved? I don't remember that. The press has never loved a conservative president in my memory. And most ppl just follow their lead. Thinking is too much trouble.

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    We often give more time to someone who is evil over that of someone who does good things for people.

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    My sister and I were just talking about that this morning. Yes I do agree with you.

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    Beloved ?

    I guess you were not around to see the fun they had the day he tripped.

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    not really there gonna be enough of that in the comming days

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