when is the best time of the year to buy a car?

I need some honest answers, someone who knows about cars or work as a car sales-man. Should I buy it today-tomorrow, or should I wait for next year?...when?.


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    My cousin is a dealer, and he said that actually, the best time to buy a car is in October.

    He also says that it doesn't hurt to go on a Monday and on a rainy day. He says that statistics show that dealers are more likely to let cars go for a better price and are more willing to negotiate. (Of course this is not scientifically proven)

    However, the worst time to buy a car is the weekend....the dealer has so many people in the dealership (most people shop for a car on their day off)...hence the weekend. He/she is less likely to negotiate when other customers are vying for their attention.

    Also be willing to walk away...never settle for the first deal they offer and from personal experience negotiate little small things like:

    Free oil changes for the life of the car

    Free inspections for the life of the car

    Free car fax report

    Also take in other internet quotes for the same model car off of www.cars.com....they will often match the deal to get your sale.

    Tell them that you have two other cars to check out even if you don't and they will make you awesome deals to keep you there.

    Also act like you really fell in love with another car at another dealership. but you didn't like the price, so you are still shopping.

    Never let on to the dealer that you are absolutely sold on their vehicle b/c you give up your negotiating powers!!

    Source(s): Personal experience....just bought a 2005 Hyundai Sonata in July. And a cousin who has been a Toyota Dealer for 20 years in Atlanta, GA
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    Excellent question!

    I have been checking out new and good used car prices lately...

    Seems like the best month of the year to buy is in December. Especially the nearer to Christmas the better.

    The reason is most shoppers are more concerned with shopping at the mall, not trying to check out vehicles to buy.

    Sellers trying to sell used cars to raise quick cash for Christmas will sell used cars at a huge discount from their book value sometimes.

    Dealers trying to reduce end of the year inventories will offer cut rate deals, just to get rid of excess inventories on newer cars.

    So I would bet that the best deals are to be found Dec 15-31, just about every year.

    There was a dealership salesman who wrote a lengthy article that the last 3 business days of every month.. was the best time to get cut-rate deals at dealerships.

    Does this help any?

    Also the worst time to shop is possibly when the income tax returns are being received.. Jan 15 until @Apr 15. A lot of people getting EIC wait untill this time of year to buy.. driving demand for good used cars higher. That allows sellers to name and hold their prices.

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    Buy today. The last Saturday in the year is the best. We don't want to carry inventory over into the next fiscal year (more money spent in taxes, flooring costs, and advertising). The end of the month is always better for getting a good deal. Incentives and rebates will change at the beginning of January.

    Source(s): work in the auto industry
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    August...is they best time of the year to shop...Model Year changes in the fall. Sept 2007 will start selling 2008 models and the 2007 cars that didn't sell by then will be on sale. That means a lot trade ins which means better deals on used cars too.

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    Right now!

    The best time to buy is between Xmas and the end of the year.

    Not only is the dealership/sales persons trying to get their month end quotas, but also trying for year end quotas/bonuses.

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    today would be a great day-last day of the month-last day of the year and still 06's around Happy New Year

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    to many cars on the roads now

  • end of year is good. Go for it if you're in the market.

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