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Do you reccomend Puerto Rico for a vacation? Which airline would you use from Seattle, Washington to San Juan?

There are many places on the web to look for info about Puerto Rico.

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    i have been vacationing i PUERTO RICO for the last 10 years and yes this is a wonderful vacation destination...the whole island is available to you and believe me there is so more than just SAN JUAN..IF YOU GO TO MY 360 PAGE and read my blog you will find my review for a 20 day trip i just went back 10/3/2006. with a little research you will find PUERTO RICO CAN HOST VERY AFFORDABLE CARIBBEAN just have to know where to look !!

    here are some sites to get ya started... (Puerto Rico forums)

    one more thing as far as flights i go to

    there they will list flights available by all carriers by price...then i go directly to the website of the carrier who has the lowest listed fare and book the flight directly with them saving even more $$

    happy planning.....doda

    Source(s): Puerto Rico is not a high crime vacation destination once you leave the San Juan area..furthermore the high tourist areas in San Juan are quite safe....doda
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    I wasn't impressed with Puerto Rico. I flew into San Juan via Delta in Atlanta. It's a very nice flight. Get a window seat!

    The country is very beautiful, but I found the people to be relatively unfriendly and not nice in the tourist area. If you get out of the tourist areas you will need to speak some Spanish, but you will find nicer people there.

    A fairly inexpensive place to stay (OK, the cheapest place to stay in San Juan) is the Hampton Inn in Carolina, just north of the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. They charge about $160-$180 per night, and YES, this is the cheapest in San Juan!!! Hampton Inn 6530 Isla Verde Carolina, Pu 00979 (787) 791-8777

    I drove a car there and these folks drive like NUTS! Their highways are psychotic! A fellow business traveler put it very well when he told me that people in Puerto Rico drive just like New Yorkers, except they don't have the same skill. Hehehe

    If you do go, take the drive out to the Arecibo Observatory in the city of Arecibo, 60 miles west of San Juan. It's worth the trip and very scenic. On the way back, stop off at the Bacardi Rum distillery, or go for a walking tour of the old city of San Juan and visit the El Morro Castle. Beautiful!

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    Go to Puerto Rico all the time...It's great! We fly out of Seattle on Delta with a layover in Atlanta. San Juan is a great place and I recommend you go check out the old Spanish fort of El's really awesome!

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    There are no direct flights from Seattle to San Juan. You will have to connect in Chicago or Houston.

    It depends on what you are looking for. San Juan is great for night life, gambling and partying, but some of the resort areas like Dorado or Vieques are beautiful with great beaches.

    Source(s): I've been in the travel industry for many years
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    puerto rico is really nice im going again in a week i recommend taking the tour of tyhe island going to old san juan very amazying views of the old forts and beach very nice---no clue on flights i cruise

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    Try Santo Domingo better.... Cheaper. Safer. Cleaner. Puerto Rico is high crime...

  • Yes..try Jet Blue, Spirit which are the Lowest fare airlines that fly to PR..

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    My cousin is from Tacoma, Washington and unfortunately there are no direct fights. There are many websites that can offer you a good time in pr. I recommend that you buy shorts, cap, t-shirts and plenty of sun block.

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    i used to live there and its the greatest place to go

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    well when I travel there I usually get US airways...or you can try american too... and yes is the greatest place to go too...

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