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Do we need to get out of the middle east and mind our own business?

Ther will never be peace there and we should not let americans die for thise people they hate us and will kill any american they can. We should let them take care of them selfs do you agree?

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    1 decade ago
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    US should only show support when it is appropriate. US government should only meddle with military force if a war spreads to other nations as we saw in world war 2. I do not agree using military is always the right thing to do as paki and US governments seems to think so. The reason for 9/11 and other terrorist attack is basically because US government keeps showing support for Israel and very little for palestinians as if palestinians are less important than israellies, and meddling the military way as if it was the only solution to any problem.

    And on top of that US government are always afraid that they will look weak and loose face if they withdraw its mission in hand. But they stubbornly stand firm until it is too late. Withdrawing from Iraq and the korean demarcation line will show people of the world that USA are not trying to act imperial and therefore will have less risk of terror.

    "..It takes a great man to admit his mistake...", US government are apparently not that great.

    My answer is yes...

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    Well the way i see it theres two sides.On the one hand, if we choose to do nothing about the situation in the middle east our economy will suffer from the inevitable lack of oil. If we do continue to fight we, will of course, loose more men and women to the war. however, the nation of iraq and others will benifit from out sacrifice. Ither way, we are already there, and in the thick of it. To back out now would be an insult to the fine men and women that have died for the cause already. We need to finish what we started.

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    To begin with, we shouldn't have been there.

    (Now that we're already there) 'staying the course' and 'cut and run' are two baseless terms without reference to anything and distract from the gravity of the situation.

    Any action taken should be based on an agenda or a vision bound by a strict time frame. Now what that agenda should be is for another question.

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    No. The Middle East is our business. How would you like to have the radical muslim crazies control all of the oil in the Middle East. They would wreak havok on the economies of other countries, to try to get control of other countries. That's what the radical muslim crazies want: control of the entire world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes and put a big iron curtin around north america and watch the world have-at-er,exept for the nuclear contamination this would be a better place.

  • paki
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    1 decade ago

    no if we left it to their own we would then be criticized from not helping out, it will never be peaceful, doesn't matter what happens if we stay or go, they will still kill each other and then come after us. best way is to show support

  • Dr. NG
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think they'd leave us alone anyway.Their leaders blame the West for their problems.Much of a gullible population believes it.They will attack us anyway.We will leave though.When the Oil runs out,and not before.Happy driving.

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