HH Gregg Shady Sales Techniques?

Does anyone know if HH Gregg's management trains their sales people to be deceptive, or does it just seem that way? There are many rip-off reports on the web that seem to indicate that this is intentional, as opposed to just having a few "bad apples" that work there. I am referring to coming in to the store to purchase an advertised special, and the sales person saying said item is nor in stock, if it is? (confirmed by another employee later), in order to "up-sell" me to another brand? This person even said the product I wished to purchase was inferior and of shoddy quality. Why carry or advertise that item then? I am just frustrated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That is called a bait and switch and is illegal. Report them to the Better Business Bureau ad then go to there biggest competitor, tell them what happened and you will probably get some really sweet deals!

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