do you use racial profling to your benifit?

I do every time I walk into a store they think im going to steal something because im black. they constantly follow me everywhere I go and never leave me alone. personaly when i was young i watched the sting and thought it would be so cool to be a con artist but found it sooo hard I decided it was faster to just earn money. It pissed me off untill a year ago because I have a friend who loves to steal from stores because he finds it so easy and fun. and no one even looks at him because he is white. so sometimes he will steal us a whole bunch of stuff while I just walk around being "the scary black youth",while the "inocent white boy" steals 100s worth of cds dvds games daily! example he stole every south park and jackass season along with some rap cds. in one day and all he did was put it in the huge bookbag he walked in with. but did the look at him nooooooo. hahahahhaha


I dont make him steal anything he just likes to steal. he does it even when im not with him. He makes it look so easy lol. when I said scary black youth i didnt mean i walk around acting like a gansta or something i just act like myself and the store clercks just see that as scary.

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    I'm sorry you are being treated like that. I am caucasian and am personally more nervous around a group of white kids than other races. I expect rudeness from a white store clerk more than any other color. The media paints blacks in such a crappy light for one thing. Then small-minded people like the clerks who follow you in stores stereotype you thinking you are just like the criminals the media portrays. Needless to say...shoplifting totally sucks. I've done it myself but as I've gotten older I've seen prices go up and understand how shoplifting makes them go up like that. Well, I hope you know not all white people are the same anyway.

  • You should look at the percentages of crimes comitted in this country in relation to the population of blacks. The government has the statistics, you just got to do a little research. The numbers are a real eye opener.

    There is a reason why people profile. Most of the time it is the black youths doing the crimes.

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    So, you just let your friend steal while you stood there looking scary? When the store counts up lost inventory, who do you think they're going to blame it on - the conspicuously innocent white guy, or you? That's right. You. And thus they will keep considering blacks to be shoplifters...way to perpetuate a stereotype.

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