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Do you think differently?

What are some things that have changed in the way you think from when you were younger, since you now have kids, a house, a career or are just older.

I for one changed in the way I think about soooo many things. For example, when I was younger I used to see a small child misbehaving and would judge the parent, thinking oh she doesn't know how to raise her child, but now after having kids I realize that that is not necessarily true.

I used to also think that being rich would make me happy but I see many rich people (not all) and the husband is never home because of work and because of that the wife is depressed and the kids don't really know their father.

I also have learned to be grateful for the things I have, even if it's just to be healthy and alive.

I used to also think, Oh yea women should have the right to choose, but after I had children I couldn't murder a baby, no way.


Please share, details too, I am curious how people change as they grow and as they see things that change their way of thinking

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    I use to think that material things make you that I'm older I know better.....I use to think that winning makes you, I know that there are lessons in not doing as well as you expected....I use to think that you can trust most, I know not to be so gullible.....I use to think I knew more than I do now.....and now that I'm older, I know I have so much more to learn!!

    Great question...........Happy New Year!!

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    It's called growing up. When I was young, adults were stupid; now it's the kids. When I was young, adults dressed poorly, now it's the kids. When I was young, I believed the government should take care of all people, no one should be poor, no one should be homeless. Now, seeing the money I work hard for squandered by the government in taxes, I feel I could do better investing it myself and donating to charities. I was a Democrat in High School and College. Then I got a job, saw the real world and became a Republican. Riches are not in a bank statement however. Riches are in the world around you. I used to live for loud parties with lots of people, that brought me happiness. Now, being alone or just with my wife up in the mountains on a crisp spring morning, hearing the birds wake up, listening to the breeze stir in the leaves, seeing a doe and fawn walk silently past your campsite... That is when I feel rich and happy.

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    Now that I'm 47, I have forgiven my parents for all of the perceived slights from my youth. It took me a long time to understand choices they made. They are just good people doing the best they can. 30's and 40's are great because you definitely get calmer about all of life's worries. Something I've learned: flossing your teeth will keep you healthy and get you through any small periods of depression. Wealth is nice, but not necessary. It's been shown that money beyond that which meets your basic needs is superfluous. I've become more settled in my spiritual beliefs. Especially as a Quaker, I realize that no one else can tell me what is God's will but God. I believe that my life having a purpose and adding something positive to the world makes me of value to the planet. (My something positive is three morally strong boys.) Exercise is important. As is travel. Our shrinking planet requires people who have a global outlook. At my age I believe I have a responsibility to be a leader by actively serving as a role model to thoose in conflict: teens, young adults, the elderly. For example, today I am taking cookies to serve at a memorial service for an older man from our Meeting. Learning to participate in funerals is something that we don't do until our 40's, but is sociologically important for our youth to see that we revere life and those who counted to us.

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    I don't have children but, I am married. I now think about things before I do them. When I was younger I used to do whatever I wanted without thinking about the consequence, and now I find myself "not jumping into anything" I also can't party like I used to. If I go out one night a month I feel it for days...whereas I used to be able to go out 3-4 times a week

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    wow, all of the things you mentioned, I also used to think.

    I used to think I had all the answers, and now realize I never will.

    I used to think I would never change my religion, but I have.

    I used to think that 'getting older' was a long way off, but it isn't.

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    i realize how much gas is and when i was little iw ould just think the car ran on gas but didnt realize we had to pay for it. the distnace of places are closer than i thought.

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    You are learning life's experiences. Please don`t pass judgment on other people, unless you know all the facts,even then you should mine your own business. I`ve learned through my own experiences, sometimes best advice I can give, is not to give any advice at all. Keep on learning!!!

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