Who are the Mormons?

I understand that they are pretty religious and strict in some aspects of their lives. But in what ways do they differ from Christians? Is it their practice or beliefs?

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    Well...they are pretty conservative. They follow a dietary law called the "Word of Wisdom", which states that you should eat meat in moderation, no alcohol, no tobacco, no caffeine (anything that can harm your body)--"Your body is a Temple".

    And another thing to mention---they are NOT polygamists. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints banned polygamy in 1890. Anyone caught practicing polygamy is excommunicated from the church.

    The remaining people who follow polygamy (such as Warren Jeffs) are part of a group called the Fundamentalist mormons (FLDS Church) who are not affiliated with the LDS church.

    And they do not go door-to-door talking about God. Those are Jehovah's Witnesses. But many Mormons (especially from Brigham Young University in Utah) go on missionary trips around the world to spread the word of God...

    I'm not even Mormon, but I just respect whatever beleifs they have. Most Americans I know consider Mormons a "cult". But really, there are over 12.5 million Mormons.

    Mormons consider themselves "Christian". But most Christians are pretty offended that they are even affiliated with Christianity...

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    Mormons are Christians, as are Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Jehovah's Wittinesses, and even the fanatical Born-Again and Saved types!

    Many sects of Christianity, particularly the Born-Agains and "Saved," and many other groups don't even spend a minute to learn the truth about the Mormon Church before they go knocking it and telling everybody that it's a cult. It's not any more of a cult than the Catholics, Baptists, or any other Christian group is! The Mormons are, I think, very strict in some ways, but that could be said about Catholics too, or once again, many other Christian groups. I really like that the Mormons are very anti-smoking and anti-drinking though. I don't see anything wrong with that, especially the anti-smoking thing!

    Just so you know, most of the answers above mine that seem negative towards Mormons are a bunch of bull. Those people apparently know little to nothing about the Mormons. I agree with the answer that says you should visit Mormon.org for more info!


    Source(s): Be careful searching for Mormon info on the internet. There are many anti-Mormon sites out there that will give you a bad impression of Mormonism. It seems so many of these anti-Mormons are threatened by Mormons! You don't see them being anti-Lutheran or anything like that! Why should they be threatened? Maybe because deep down they know that the Mormon faith is a generally and sincerely a good organization full of positive, time-tested values and these other groups are threatened that if their people get too much accurate knowledge of the Mormon church that they might start attending it instead of their other church? I was baptised in the Mormon faith years ago, but I haven't been to it for a long time (mainly because I'm lazy), I've been leaning more towards the Catholic faith lately, so at least you know I'm not some Mormon who's willing to say whatever to make his church sound good. I'm willing to say t that the Mormon church is a good organization because it simply is, and I have no ulterior motive for saying so! I've actually been thinking about becoming more active with the Mormon church, it's not as easy as being Catholic, but the easiest things in life aren't always the most worth-while!
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    Mormons is the nickname given to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They consider themselves to be Christian, though in addition to the Bible they believe in the Book of Mormon, which chronicles Jesus' visit to the people in the Americas (Native Americans).

    Mormons do have some very strict moral guidelines, and I don't pretend to be an expert on them. There are punishments for breaking those rules, however, from what I have seen a loss of status and privileges.

    There are many parts of the religion which are kept secret to outsiders. For example, non-Mormons are not allowed to enter any Mormon temple.

    You're best bet would be to hit your local library and look for books about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There are a lot of them I am sure.

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    Yes, they ask that people follow pretty strict guidelines, but they can't force anyone to do anything. They may suggest you don't drink caffinated beverages, but if you do, they won't kick you out. I do think that you can get kicked out for other things like being gay or a child molester, but I'm not 100% sure. They believe almost everything other Christians believe, like the trinity, following Christ's teachings, etc. They just added some extra stuff that some people find objectionable.

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    The Mormons are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which was founded by Joseph Smith in 1830. The Mormons are considered a cult of Christianity by mainline Christian denominations (Catholic and Protestant) because of their departure from key Christian doctrines (teaching or beleifs that make Christianity "Christian"). For example:

    (1) Concerning the Church: Joseph Smith taught that there was a great and total apostasy of the Church as established by Jesus Christ and that the Mormon Church is now the only true church.

    + The orthodox (true) Christian position affirms that the true Church will never completely disappear from off the face of the earth while this age lasts. Jesus Himself said of His Church, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (cf. Matt. 16:18; Jn. 15:16; 17:11).

    (2) Concerning God: Mormonism teaches that:

    - The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate Gods, who are ‘flesh and bone’

    - The Son and Holy Ghost are the literal offspring of God the Father and His celestial wife

    - God evolved into Godhood.

    - The God of the Bible is but one God out many gods.

    + The orthodox Christian position is that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three Persons in One God (doctrine of the Trinity). God is Spirit (Jn 4:24); without flesh and bones (Lk 24:39). Jesus is the unique Son of God; that He has always existed as God, and is co-eternal and co-equal with the Father (Jn 1:1). There is only one True and Living God- there are no other gods (Deut. 6:4).

    (3) Concerning Jesus Christ: Mormonism teaches that:

    - Jesus is our literal brother who progressed into godhood

    - Jesus is the literal offspring of the Father and his celestial wife and was later on conceived through physical relations between

    God the Father and the Virgin Mary.

    - Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers

    + The orthodox Christian position is that Jesus is the unique

    Son, eternally generated of the Father and co-eternal with Him (Jn 1: 1); that the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and through the power "of the Most High" she conceived Jesus (Lk 1:35).

    This is just a sample of their aberrant beliefs.

    Source(s): I just wrote a module on "Cults and Isms"
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    i've got spent approximately 40 years in bishoprics, extreme councils, and clerk positions, and that i've got considered extremely some human beings bypass away the Church. i've got sat on extremely some disciplinary councils. None of them left the Church because of the fact of "info" against the Church. There are some who merely gradually drift away into inactiveness. each and every so often it is because of the fact of a loss of religion, led to with the aid of doubts led to with the aid of some thing they have study. one in each and every of my brothers became like that, besides the undeniable fact that he has considering the fact that come back to Church. He did no longer want to tell me approximately his doubts because of the fact he had replace into confident that there became no answer to his doubts, and he did no longer want to burden me along with his doubts. it relatively is merely too undesirable he did no longer confer with me, because of the fact there is often an answer. component of his subject however became that he became finding for a reason to no longer bypass on a project, and "blindly" shop on with the occasion of his older brothers. It became in section a satisfaction subject. I also have a concept approximately people who bypass away the Church and declare it became because of the fact of info. They fall into 3 communities. (a million) some are surely at a loss for words with the aid of the arguments of adult adult males. (2) some seem for info the Church isn't real, yet deep down they comprehend the real reason became they have been indignant or they felt in charge approximately their sins. (3) And others don't comprehend their very own motives. In a psychology classification I as quickly as took I heard of an thrilling test related to this 0.33 team. someone in yet another psychology classification became hypnotized and given a placed up-hypnotic advice. The hypnotized student became instructed that when the instructor coughed the student might arise from his seat and open the window to the lecture room. He does no longer bear in mind something he became instructed whilst hypnotized. He became then awaken from his hypnotic trance and instructed to bypass back to his seat. the student remembered no longer something of what he became instructed on an identical time as hypnotized. the instructor after a jiffy coughed, and the student have been given up and opened the window. Now here is the component of this tale. whilst asked why he opened the window his ideas as we talk synthetic a reason. He stated he became warm, and surprisingly sufficient his physique proved it with the aid of getting crimson and sweaty.

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    Look Up: Kirkland Ohio, Navoo, Ill, See Joseph Smith's jail record: Mitt Romney wants to be elected president!

    Get a copy of Religions of the World Made Easy or Larsen's book of cults and RUN FOREST RUN go far away from them!

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    They are a religion that bases their belief on the same things Jesuus taught in the new testament - 12 apostles, baptism, etc. Great religion - I am one - a little strict - but good struict - no drinking or smoking - go to www. mormon.org for more info

    Source(s): www.mormon.org
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    They are like gypsies. They take small children from nearby villages to convert them. They marry young girls (4 - 10) off to older men (50-100) and practice polygamy (Actually that part is awesome). If a girl is to ugly to marry off, then she is eaten.

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    Their stuff takes place only after Jessi's death, they say Jesus went to every country to teach. They also say you can ask God a question and if you feel good, it's the truth.

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