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how do i get invisible off my instant messanger want it to be visible?

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    When you pull up yahoo messenger you see below the blank bars there three choices with three boxes. Most likely the one that says " sign in as invisable to everyone " is checked. Just un-check it. If that doesnt work, sign in, go to the top of the messenger list where it says MESSENGER, go to MY STATUS and click on AVAILABLE, or type in a personal message. It will put you to visiable.

    yahoo does crazy things like that sometimes. If you are signing on and doing all this, making yourself visiable, and then your messenger shuts off and on.. thats just yahoo acting up. Just keep going visable and it should stick after some time.

    Good luck, and have a great day!

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    I think your question is: How you would like to be visible when you log into Yahoo! Messenger.

    On the Yahoo Messenger, click the dropw down menu where it says, you are invisible, and then click on Available.

    Your status will change to a visible status

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