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how can i get the tobacco smell out?

i bought a sax from ebay. its a great saxophone, but it smells like smoke, i dont think fabreze (sp) would wrok because its made of brass...its a bari sax, and they are large.


i wish i could give you all 10 pts

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    I searched the web but found no useful tips. I would think a strong oil that will not harm the metal would work best. I know any citrus removes tobacco odor, but not sure if the acid will strip your instrument's finish. You might want to call your local ISD and speak with a music teacher, they should know best. Good Luck

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    Place it in a garbage bag with a box of strong fabric softening sheets...Bounce is pretty strong. Let it sit for about 3-4 days then wipe down with a fabric sheet.

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    Steam clean it..and then oil it

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