Does money bring happiness??

id like to know what you thiunk from a personal and global perspective? list atleast three facts to support your claim.

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    Money can bring you happiness, but you need more than just that to be truly happy.. on a global scale it would be nice for those who are poorer to have some - just a little bit of money can get a whole village of people clean water, so they'd appreciate that! And in contrast seeing how the other side live makes us more grateful for what we do have, even if it isnt much.

    A little bit of money would make me very happy right now - I'm a student and struggling! But I've got love and friends and a roof over my head so I pay be poor but I'm still happy.

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    They say money cannot buy happiness and that is true to an extent. However, I am a lot happier when I am not sweating out how to pay my bills. I have been rich and I have been poor and rich is better. Mind you, I am not filthy rich, but I am at the point where I own a home and make enough money to pay my bills and buy people decent Christmas gifts instead of junk.

    If someone does not love you, money will not buy their love. It might buy their companionship but they might pretend to love you so they have security. On the bright side, money does add to attractiveness. It makes you look like you have your act together, even if you won the money or inherited it. Money has a halo effect.

    You will not have to worry about driving an old clunker car that might break down at inopportune times. Money will buy you a lovely Toyota, brand new with warranty.

    Money gets you respect in the community. People associate money with being smart. I know a man who everyone goes to for advice. They think he is smart because he has money. He inherited it and is less smart than the people asking him. It amazes me the lack of confidence people have and the amount they will assign to someone with money.

    Your child will not be deprived or suffer embarrassment for not having what other kids have if you have money. If your child wants to be in sports, sometimes there is a lot of equipment and the team goes and hires a personal trainer without consulting the parents and then asks you for money. It happened to me once and I did not have the money to chip in for the trainer and was looked down on and my child and I were humiliated. I thought we could keep up with the expenses of being on the team but we couldn't and ended up with the coaches suggesting that we ask the other team members to sell candy to raise money so my daughter could stay on the team. Now I have enough money that my child and I will not have to suffer that hurt again.

    Money cannot bring back dead friends or loved ones but it can give you freedom and ease your stress here on earth. Amen. Thank you for making me aware of the blessings God has given me. I have also worked very hard... it helps.

    I will add that it might be good to be poor for a while just so that you can appreciate being rich.

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    Money brings more of what is ever going on in your life !!

    If you have great debt... You will ultimately end up in deeper debt.

    If you are an unhappy miserable cuss... You will simply be more of one.

    If you are happy in life and thankful for things around you... You will be even more happier.

    Facts that support these are the studies done on lottery winners & heirs to money. Even the one homeless guy given $100,000 for nothing NOW has nothing again due to HIS decisions with in his life. Money only amplifies what is already going on in you life. Sure there might be a brief time of happiness due to coming into some money but the TRUE YOU will always shine through whether negative or positive, which ever YOU are.

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    ,The straight answer is NO. Reasons:

    1 Ask any millionaire. More money brings more entanglement and attachment to "the world"", a more hectic lifestyle, leaving no time at all for those precious moments when, delving into our innermost selves, we realize that we ARE alive, inwardly alive, not just this chunk of flesh and bones rushing around non-stop, chasing everything in, and out of, sight to get the best out of "life"

    2 Money brings comfort, that is, it makes for a comfortable life, in the sense that you can buy anything you want.That is beyond dispute. But comfort is not contentment - in fact, one gets bored of comfort after a while- and even less is it happiness, which comes from a sense of inner well-being, a sense of harmony with oneself and with all around and THAT is certainly not the consequence of possessing objects, which are bought by money

    3 Many people are starving, or sick or caught in war- or quake-hit zones. Aid organizations donate millions in food, medicine or shelter. But it is not seen that these unfortunate ones are any "happier " . for all the relief they get . They are grateful, thankful, that they have been cared for, that they have been helped to survive. But this is not happiness. A child has no bank account, drives no limo, does not own mansions and private jets - happiness.

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  • beach
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    Imelda Marcos used it up on shoes and was still a horrible person. She hoarded money and let her people starve.

    Bill and Melinda Gates (and other billionaires) have given millions to charities so people can be well, safe, and healthy. I think having ones needs met make someone happy, and I am sure the Gates feel happy that they are making a difference with their money.

    I know I am happy when I can pay my bills and pretty miserable when I cannot. I will probably never be rich, but if I have enough to cover my needs, then I am happy.

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    Of'course it does, and monEy does just that! It brings pure freedom, especially to the rich who will do anything to buy a car called "FAME." What does this foolish answer mean? You see, the car called "FAME" is every young mans' dream and every young womans' desire. Or it could be just the opposite because it was sealed and delierved to make even the wisest human being submit to a false 'GOD" whose was never real in the first place. A god who nowadays can make world war last for centuries: so now you see, exactly how long have you been alseep?

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    I have been on both sides. Dirt poor and came into money. Money may not make you happy but it sure relieves a lot of stress. How happy can someone be when they're stressing every week how all the bills are going to get paid or when there's not enough $ for food. Don't get me wrong $ hasn't made me feel "fulfilled" but it has made things much easier so I can pursue other avenues of fulfillment. It also feels pretty darn good to help other people out who are having $ problems. My husband and I gave alot of $ to alot of people who were having $ problems and that brought us happiness. PS - we took the $ and sunk it all into a house and other things for our children. So we're back to stressing the bills again :)

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    Definitely it does. However, it does not give a long lasting joy. With and without it, one can experience true happiness with love and contentment in life. Poor people may experience sufferings but for me, it is not because they dont have money. Life is what they make it. There are rich people as well who are not happy because they choose not to. On the other hand, there are rich and poor people who are happy. I guess what Im trying to say is that money is not a factor for a person to be happy.

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    Money does not bring happiness.

    1) It is incapable of doing anything as it is not alive. It is neutral.

    2) We could print enough money for everyone in the world to have a fist full of dollars and it would perhaps buy them food or some other item needed or wanted, but it would not buy happiness because happiness is a quality of circumstance

    3) The best happiness comes from right relationship with our fellow humans and other creatures of this earth and money has no power over that.

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    Yes, money DEFINITELY brings happiness. Yes, of course you find people that have money that are miserable, but how about the opposite? How many homeless, dirt poor people living on park benches can you say are truly happy? Just the crazy ones. With money, you can buy your children the things they need, ensure that your parents are properly cared for, give to charity, see the world, taste incredible foods, have the music you love, see it played live, etc. Tell someone who's poor that money doesn't buy happiness.

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