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What does this mean? Does he like me?

Ok. This guy who i just met this wed. seems to like me. He was being really nice to me and my lil sis, and he was flirting with me. Everyone who was at the house with us thought i liked him, i i think they thought he liked me (cuz i kept sitting next to him and we wouldent stop talking ect.0 l8r on he siad to me ( in fornt of other lil kids!) wanna do something im bored, than he said never mind, u will probally think im joking, and walked away. besides kissing and stuff what do you think he ment, and does he like me (ps were both 12)

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    It sounds like he likes you to me!!! I'm gonna be 12 in Feb. so I can relate. I have a boyfriend now and when I decided I wanted him at the beginning of the year I just went up to him and asked him out! I think he just wanted to get pizza or see a movie with you! Maybe go to an amusement park, etc. Next time you see him just bring up when he said "wanna do something?" and say you think it would be fun! Be casual and don't seem to eager!!!

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    I have like the exact same problem, funny thing is, My name is Nicole and I'm 12 too. I don't think that that absolutely means that he likes you, but if you like him and you want to become more than friends, I think you should become a really good friend first, find out what he likes, then make your move.



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    Well I'll say he likes you but how much dunno. I don't remember what it's like to be twelve (not that I'm far from it) but from my experience with guys, I'll say that he is shy. So you might have to take the initiative and ask him to hang out and see what goes on from there.

    It sounds like he likes you but is not sure if you do so seems to me there is apprehension on his part.

    Good luck figuring it all out.

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    well, he wanted to either


    2~take a walk

    3~eat some food

    we guys usualy say what we mean and in this case, you didn't catch on

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