Should I switch from regular cell phone to pay-as-you go?

My husand and I are considering switching from a contract cell phone to a pay-as-you go phone. Tell me about these phones, are they worth it? Do you save money?

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    here is the website that I've used....check it out and make a decision!

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    If you have teenagers or college-aged kids who tend to forget and keep talking, the prepaid plans are probably the cheapest and best way to go.

    Pay-as-you-go tends to be 25 cents minute, and it is horrifying to see how quickly $20 goes down after a few seven-minute calls.

    Cingular has the plan where you sign up to have automatic payments taken each month. The per-minute cost is 12.5 cents a minute (I think), and you get to keep daytime time you didn't use. It rolls over. On a $39 a month plan you get 1000 night and weekend minutes (that you don't save) and for the $49 plan you get unlimited night and weekend minutes.

    This lets people (students, in particular) talk nights and weekends pretty freely; and they can be careful about using their daytime minutes (about 200 or 300 sometimes, maybe 400 on higher plans). Because the daytime minutes automatically roll over, you get a build-up of time; and it works pretty well.

    Unless you only use the phone for real emergencies, I think the most expensive way to go is to get a pay-as-you-go phone that charges 25 cents a minute for calls. My daughter and son both tried that for a while, and both were getting refills halfway through the month (which meant they were spending at least $30, sometimes $45 a month to use their phones). You may as well sign up for the $39 Cingular service and know that's all you'll be spending per month.

    Of course, if you just want emergency phones and are now paying the basic monthly rate for a plan; you would save by getting rid of that and spending $15 just for emergency use. The question is this: If you'll be spending $15 anyway for emergency use, is the extra $25 a month worth having the freedom to use the phone for reasons other than emergencies?

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    If you have a high speed Internet connection I would try a broadband phone. If you like phone on the go they also offer WiFi phones. I have had the broadband home based phone for two months and I love it. You know from the start what you will pay and it don't change. No long distance charges anywhere in US or Canada. Here is a link to the service provider that I have chosen.

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    yes and no. If you make a lot of phone calls than no it will not save you a dime, It will cost a ton more. but if you use the phones as a emergency call only and make one call a day than you can save a ton. I have tracfone and it works great, for my wife and I. We do not make too many calls. I buy a one year plan for $100 and that is it for the year, per phone.

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    i switched form pay-as-you-go to a contract plan with my mom and thank goodness i made about and recieved about 3 or 4 calls in a seven day period and i had to get a new prepaid phone card every week its not worth anything--definatly stay on the contract plan

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    properly prepaid telephone playing cards are there for those than can no longer and don't decide directly to be in a settlement. As for wanting to purchase a seperate telephone for this card to paintings i do no longer think of so, it truly is not the telephone it truly is the provider that operates the telephone, devoid of provider that telephone is valueless. in simple terms like a usual land line telephone may well be.

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