I have a frozen TYSON ham. The question I have is do I thaw it before I cook it?

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    I assume this is a Maple & Brown Sugar Glazed Ham as this is the only ham shown on Tyson's web site. The first link below is to the product web page where near the bottom it states

    "NOTE: Best to thaw if product is frozen, otherwise heating times are approximately doubled."

    So I would thaw it, or just double the time is you need to cook it now. I would put it in the fridge the day before you intend to use it to thaw it evenly. The second link to to some recipies to use with this product.

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    I would thaw it. Otherwise it will dry out because the outside of the ham will cook so much faster than the interior.

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    yes, soak it in water to speed up the thawing

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  • nah, just put it in foil ...like a tent, make sure its really really airtight...and bake it...it will take longer. I've done it, it came out fine

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    please do!!!! call your butcher...............if nothing else, or no time left..............cook in a turkey bag on high & check the temp to make sure it's done............it'll be juicyer in the bag(won't dry out)

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