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Womens' opinions needed. Afraid to ask?

I have been with my fiancee for a while. Recently, I have taken an interest in the panties that she wears (usually the really pretty, silky ones from victorias secret). I'm so curious to try them on as part of our bedroom activities. I'm totally straight and have no desire to be a woman or anything like that (nor do I want to go around wearing them all day long). Its just that the idea of trying on something of hers thats so intimate and forbidden really excites me. How do I approach her about it? If shes not sure about it or opposed to it, how do I get her to accept it? Please help because its something I really really want to do and share with her (hopefully without freaking her out). Thanks.

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    oh, i would love it if my b/friend did that. start by giving her compliments of her underwear especially when she has them on.then you can say things like "i wonder how those would look on me". I think that if you are manly MAN, she will not think you are gay or a cross dresser. I think most women would like that. she just might get a kick out of it.

    it sounds sexy to me.

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    nicely, it relatively is relatively basic and complicated on the comparable time. You adult adult males are going to be married. you have ought to discover ways to speak to a minimum of one yet another relating to the extremely some issues you need todo and attempt. i'm useful there are issues she is desirous to do as nicely, and can be a sprint scared to tell you approximately. intercourse is meant to be relaxing. Married human beings ought to get exhilaration from it, and enjoy attempting issues with one yet another. in spite of the undeniable fact that all of it comes right down to you and her getting mushy sufficient to share those ideas and needs. in case you could no longer do this with the guy you're to married to i might learn the relationship a sprint.

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    Ask her to stroke you with a pair as a part of foreplay. Gradually work your way up from there. Or tell you you want to feel close to her all day and ask to wear a pair. One more idea is to fake break the washing machine when all your underwear is ditry, and borrow a pair of hers.

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    you could always make it a game,,,,pop on a hat,a pair of her fanciest briefs and do a really stupid dance to cover the fact you are seriously trying them on,,,if she sees the funny side you could be onto a winner if not just brush it off as "i just thought it would be funny" no harm done,,no embarrassment,,make it a game and let her lead,,if she thinks it is funny you can prance around and make fun of yourself,,"ooooo whats that on the floor" and bend over seductively,,just be silly and follow her lead,dont forget to grin like an idiot.good luck

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    seriously sit her down, tell her about it and make sure she knows you're serious...and try to nudge it into the conversation dont just blurt it out...and make sure u let her know you're not gonna wear em all day...that would freak me out...tell her youd like to try role play...switch clothes for a day and try it...i think it would be funny to see my bf in my clothes

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    If I where your girl..I would start buying big white granny panties...I find it gross that someone else would be wearing my undies.....yuck!

    Go buy your own and leave hers a lone...

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    You know there's nothing more funny than bedroom antics--just put them on and be silly in front her.

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    Oh just put them on and jump out at her and ask her what does she thinks about it.

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    have her join the game--ask her to wear something of yours and you will wear something of hers--this way you won't freak her out if she's not into it and if she is then you have your fantasy!

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    You might introduce it as a joke and then see how she reacts.

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