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what would you do if your friend lies, cheats,and steals?

my friend allways does! and i dont get it! she is aleays asking for my money at school too!not that much anymore though.she alllways steals stuff! like the other day, she stole a box of colored pencils and put them in her coat pocket inside of her jacket!! and once she stole my timagotchi and said her sister found it!! andshe told me that her cousin still likes me and i dont known what to do!!!! heeeeeelp!

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    If she is your true friend, she would not lie, cheat and steal. Maybe try talking to her. She may be doing this for attention. If you confront her and she still lies and steals - then move on - you don't need that in your life.

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    The only thing worse in a friend than being a liar is a thief......

    This girl sounds like she is a kleptomaniac.... A need to have anything, even if she doesn't really want it.....

    I think you are setting yourself up for a big fall. Knowing what you do, I would not be considering her a friend anymore. She is already taking things from you, she is still returning them, but there will come a day when she doesn't....

    She should become your acquaintance , someone you say hi to but don't hang around with.

    You are not the only one who knows she steals, if you hang with her, they might think you are the same.

    Unfortunately, you have outgrown her and you need to move away from the friendship.

    This will not get better if she is not trying to help herself....

    You will not change what she does, she is compulsive with her behaviour... you have no control over this... and maybe she doesn't either.

    She needs help....

    In the mean time cut the strings.....

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    Once both of yall are sitting in juvenile detention you will know what to do. If you are with her while she stealing your going with her too and that is not good you want to be a friend to her tell you are not gonna hang out with her unless she stops stealing if she doesnt find you a new friend

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    What you must understand is the problems she has (and its more than just stealing) are hers, not yours.

    Talk to her, one on one, telling her exactly how you feel. If she decides to continue her behavior anyway, you might want to consider finding a new friend.

    To want to help her is admirable, but don't allow yourself to be sucked into a situation you might regret.

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    Is this the type of friend you want to be around? I would NEVER go into a store with her (guilty by asssociation) Ask the child why does she do this. Let her know you know she does and it and that you are questioning the friendship.

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    Ask yourself this: What would Saddam do?

    Probably cut off their hands.

    Or the more humanitarian approach would be to dump her and get another friend! People like that just aren't worth the bother.

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    It sounds like she has some real problems. If you want to stay friends you should try really talking to her. Tell her you're really concerned for her. She's going to get into some serious trouble some day.

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    Lies, cheats and steals. It's just a matter of time until she takes you down with her. You are judged by the company you keep. Maybe you shouldn't be, but you are.

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    she might be sick. Tell her about your problem with her behavior. she might need a psychiatrist. read about kleptomania. .Regarding money she asks.bring with you exact amount you need for the day so you can refuse and says you do not have enough to share with her..So what if her cousin likes you. that is another story.

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    Your friend is going to get you in trouble. Hanging around with a thief can get you arrested too.

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