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Saddam is hung what humanitarian and political glance make it you?

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    Don't speakie the English too much do you?

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    1 decade ago

    Iraqis lives after Saddam was removed from power declined and Iraqis lives are DETERIORATING and US soldiers unnecessarily are in Iraq. Their mission can never be accomplished as there is opposition to the US invasion and some Iraqis want US soldiers to leave Iraq now! Saddam's execution was ordered by US government and now Iraqi government is a PUPPET government of the US. Iraqis cannot have a democracy that way as that is not a democracy. Every nation should decide what kind of political framework it wants and it is up to every nation to have sovereign country and who rules the country. Another country cannot interfere because that would lead to this tragic US invasion

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    I don't gloat over anybody's death.

  • AK
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    1 decade ago

    ahhh, well see, oh okay,,,, ah, well... huh?

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