Cheap destination wedding location?

I originally wanted to get married in Cancun but it'll be $750pp to attend. At that price I doubt much of our family can afford to attend. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where it might be cheaper to have a destination wedding? The family is coming from NYC. I want something in the carribbean. I'm not really interested in Dom. Rep. or anything that has similar beaches.


His family is from NYC, my family is from Miami. And by the time we get married we'll be living in a completely different state because he's in the army. So a "local" wedding would involve traveling no matter what. We figured if everyone has to travel anyways then we might as well do it somewhere worth the traveling expense. But of course, I still want something reasonable.

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    Fajardo Puerto Rico. My best friend has 3 penthouse condos on the ocean she rents out, a half hour from the rain forest.

    It's my favorite vacation spot.

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    I would suggest the Florida Keys or even Miami. I'm from the keys and there is def a Carribbean influence. Plus, plane tickets are much cheaper and you don't have to leave the country. You might want to check out the Moorings in Islamorada. Here's there website:

    I don't go to Key West often, but it is also real pretty there. I'm getting married in Key Largo and it's the perfect setting!

    Here is a wedding from the Knot website - I believe this is at the Moorings:

    Hope I helped!

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    you have a annoying time getting a niche with any peace and quiet on a coastline over Easter - it somewhat is oftentimes kinfolk trip time. perhaps too overdue for college Spring destroy, yet easily extreme college young little ones would be out and and approximately. i could stay removed from Florida then, except you had an in. you would be able to attempt lesser basic places alongside the southeast coast, South Carolina, and so on. stay removed from Myrtle coastline or HIlton Head components. perhaps something in cellular Alabama? i think of i could pose this question to the return and forth component of the climate you're watching interior the YA. somebody would comprehend of specific beaches/motels.

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    Why do you have to have a wedding somewhere exotic. What's wrong woth having it in your hometown. If that'ss your biggest concern the marriage probably won't last anyway. Have your next one there.

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    that's easy.......... stay local. my lady and i are getting married in 2008, and we decided to stay local for the wedding, but go away for our honeymoon. it's easier to plan, and it's cheaper that way in the long run. hope this helps.

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    Sorry I am not rich and I can't afford to come, no matter where you have it if it isn't in my town or close.

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    skegness or gretna green. Beautiful places...

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    Try hell, that's where you'll end up after a few months of getting on each other's nerves.

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