Is communism really defeated (dead)?

In my country communist ideas are still alive. The ancient regime's ideology disguise itself mostly using the social-democratic party. We are supposed to enter in the UE after January 1st but the bastions of the ancient regime still activate as "democrats" and UE supporters. They have survived using this compromise: accommodation to the new political reality of the country. I should add the idea that we are the only ex-soviet satellite where the communist party vanished into thin air after 1989. Where are those people who supported Ceausescu? They lead us now, they fight for freedom but their actions during the communist regime were simply forgotten.

YOU, do you really have a democratic country based on freedom, elective power, transparency, truth and justice?

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    In the US, we have people who think like Communists. Democrats on the left don't like to use the term "liberal" to describe themselves, let alone "communist." They try to get our government to control everything.

    Fortunately we have elections.

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    Communism is the benfit Capitalism promised but only the altruistic people tried to implement.

    Communism is Communityism carried out by altruistic people.

    The early christian groups believed in communalism and we see where and what that has lead to.

    By the same token no one seems to see that socialism is not communism and the socialism of U>S has lead to a forming of National Socialism, a more resrictive system upon humanity than old forms of communism ever were.

    Communism is stemming from an unbalance in justice, wether it be from economics, religious or governemental forms.

    It has been used in small scale systems and for you youth of today it is making a resurgance in young professinal people who band together, even multi family households, for economic and group strength in a very stressfull world.

    It has always been the non altruistic who have condemned and villified communal existence as good for nothing while tey went about grabbing resources and also for those who wanted to abuse the altruism forms for their own advantage.

    It goes way beyond just an economic system and the injustices each cause, it is an ideal to strive for and the most dangerous enemy it has is mans greed.

    Why bibical spouters do not see the comparrison in the early and the promice of kingdom on earth doctrines and the wishes of those who want a form of communalism is hard to see.

    They take the worst form of it that ever existed, China and Russia whose leaders abused it by making its' social system conform to an economic system only the powerfull gained access to.

    No the ideals of communism will never die out but it would be nice if the real aspects of the why of it were examined more closely instead of dogma spouters and jingo lovers denying any benefit it can give to humanitys ultimate goal,


    Source(s): History, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and politcal/economic sciences'!
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    News Flash! The USA is eroding our individual and privacy rights everyday through the democratic process. Banning the right to keep and bare arms by individuals,whether or not to smoke, what to eat and the right to have and keep property. Large development companies have become ex-facto government, as local governments give them that right to develop and take the little guys property away. Isn't that what Communist countries did? Now run and tell that!

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    thats a lot of strong question, but the people whom you seek did not simply vanish into thin air. they are few and far between for security purposes, but still alive and very much alive and well, they are simply in a dormant stage like a bad virus, ready to re-emerge when the conditions are ripe. if you have any control at all in your local affairs, see to it that those conditions never materialize. we were blessed to live in a land where those people can be eliminated one by one when they pop up, it may take a while but it does happen..

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