Why being a Celebrity is easy?

i'm going to be one in 2007 so please help me how it is easy or hard.

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    I don't think being a celebrity is easy. As a matter of fact, if you don't have a healthy sense of self now, you'll find being a celebrity quite difficult. Sure the perks (free this free that--yes men/women) come easy but there is definitely a trade off. If you're not willing to fight for who you are, you become absorbed in the glitz and glam and slowly but surely your life isn't your own. Look at Paris and Nicole. They are famous for being famous, and every single day of their lives, they have to deal with people following them around, searching through their trash, invading their privacy, and God only knows what else. If you're not famous now, just imagine not being able to go to the store to pick up a box of cereal, or going to buy light bulbs, or going on vacation with your family. Celebrities have people hiding in bushes, and flying helicopters over their homes just for pictures. It's insane. I think it's much easier to be wealthy and NOT famous than to be wealthy AND a celebrity.

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    the women come easy

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