What is the beef between the Sunni's and Kurds?

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    Sunnis are the minority in Iraq and had good times in the Saddam era. Kurds were allegedly persecuted by Saddam and it was a retaliation by Saddam because Kurds and other Iraqis made an assasination attempt on Saddam's life now Kurds celebrate Saddam's death. It is not fair but by the pressure of American government Iraqis executed Saddam.

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    The Kurds are sitting on an oil field....But its a lot more complicated than that.....

    Kurds are an ethnic group, Sunni is referring to a branch of Islam, Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims...

    They are not Arabs, unlike the rest of Iraq, so the Beef is that the Kurds are an independent-minded people, who've been fighting Arabs, Persians, and Turks, for thousands of years, to establish their own homeland. The minority Sunnis Arabs in Iraq, like late Saddam Hussein, enjoyed that dominance over the Kurds and Shi‘ite Arabs. Since the US invaded, the Kurds have used this opportunity to create an independent state which is equal to treason in the eyes of the Sunni's.....

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    Saddam instilled a hatred for the Kurds. Saddam was a Sunni.

    Therefore, Sunnis hate Kurds. There is hope, however. The Sunnis are currently having their collective butts handed to them by the Shia Majority. There is a coalition of Kurds and Sunnis in the government, right now.

    It's not much but it's a start.

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    Sunni's and Shia's represent 85% of muslims and other represent the remaining 15%

    (like Catholics & Orthdox in Christianity)

    As for kurds, they are ethnic group and they exist mainly in iraq, turkey & syria, and they have a dream of building their state (by cutting a part from each of the 3 countries)

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    It's a long story, read about Babylon and the 4 tribes of Israel. They all want to rule Babylon, that's where their profits say the new Messiah will appear. This is a battle that will go on forever.

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    I think it is simply a question of DOMINANCE!

    Religion is only the tool to live out phantasies of a fundamentalist powergame!

    You are welcome!

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