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loseing 10 pounds?

id love to lose around 10 pounds im not fat so i dont need to lose any more weight then that. whats a healthy yet fast way to lose weight?

p.s will will loseing 10 pound alot slimer? or not?

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    10 pounds is around a jeans size. So its a significant amount, especially if youre short. People can notice when I lose 2 pounds I'm so short. Eating small portions throughout the day to keep your system going and trick it is a good way to lose a pound a week. 6 small meals of about 150 calories (healthy things!!!) would do the trick and drinking only water and low calorie drinks because they add up. Another tip is ALWAYS keep moving. Tap your feet, swing your arms, fidget. They all burn calories no matter how stupid it is. If youre watching tv in your room, stand and strech or just move anyway you can. If you add exercise into the mix you would lose it in 2 weeks if you did it right. Run a few miles everyother day and lift filled bottles of water like 50 times in the morning and night. This is basically what I'm doing, and I lost 2 pounds this week. Good luck :)

    Source(s): Doing this right now, and going from 160 to 114 :)
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    The best way to lose fat is to More than any ab crunches you will see the result as soon as you start running/jogging daily. But you should be genuine urself and do it on a regular basis. Start with running atleast 5 Km and extend it slowly up to 10 kms. Beleive me that 10 Km can be covered by a normal person provided that he has the will and i do it daily. Instead of doing rounds/laps go for cross country as you won't be bored that way. Going to a gym at a separate time will keep u strong and running will give you all the stamina that you need.

    Keep in mind that cutting down food is never good to health. Eat well..It's the shape not the weight that matters..So try to be in better shape by combining these


    2.Gym workouts

    3. Eating well

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    Well, you can try crash dieting... but it is a little hard, and not good for you.

    -Eat things that fill up your stomach, but are not fattening ex) cottage cheese with crackers, apples, various fruits and vegetables.

    -drink lots of water but don't eat salty foods- it makes you retain water, which is extra weight

    -try drinking green tea at least 2x a day... it is said to get rid of stomach fat.

    -if you eat your dinner early... like 4 o'clock.. less weight is added because your stomach can digest

    -once, for Lent, I gave up my dinners... so I didn't eat after 2o'clock for 40 days... although it wasn't for losing weight... I did lose 10 lbs.

    -always take vitamins if you're dieting because you're losing a lot of important vitamins in your diet

    remember, these are only tips and suggestions... never a guarantee... this is just from experience and various things I have heard from people wanting to lose quick weight.

    good luck... hope everything works out for your special reason

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    Not all weight is fat. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you want to be slimmer, try doing excersises to tone your body.

    As for healthy and fast? It should probably take you a little over a month to loose that weight. Just try to eat healthier and get out and excersise more. Run, walk, ride a bike, go to the gym, dance, anything that gets you moving will help.

    Good luck

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    If you want to lose weight, start by watching what you eat. Cut down on Salty and Sugary foods. You need to have self-control. Doing exercises will help :]

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    losign ten pounds should be achievable but you must be determined..

    weight gain and loss depends on the balance between intake and expenditure..

    so all u need to do is take a few things off your diet..

    for example if you take coffee everyday take sugar off it..

    or if you have fruits after meal take one low in sugar..

    do simple things then u will be able to do it easier..

    walk up stairs..

    walk one bus stop.///

    also u must lose weight slowly lest u land up with stretch marks..

    good luck

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