civil disputes?

verbal contracts on buying a car for someone else


Bought car for daughters boyfriend, verbal agreement to repay debt from boyfriend, made 2 payments and quit. What legal actions can i take to recover my loss of 5,000.Have ck to prove so.

Update 2:

I bought a car for my daughters boyfriend, with a verbal agreement that he would make monthly payments. He made 2 and stopped. Do i have any legal way to recover my loss, the amount is over 5,000.

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    What you should have done first is place a lien on the title of the car. This would prevent the registered owner from selling or transferring the car; and, also affirms your rights as the seller of the vehicle without the liability of traffic citations or accidents.

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    Yes you do, but it is a civil matter. Contact a lawyer and give them copies of the payments he made. You can take him to court.

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