what are the system requirements for grand theft auto san andreas game?

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    1 decade ago
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    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas System Requirements:

    Recommended System Requirements:

    Intel Pentuim 4 or AMD XP Processor (or better)

    384MB RAM

    16x Speed DVD Drive

    4.7GB Hard Drive Space

    128MB Video Card

    DirectX 9 compatible sound & video drivers

    Keyboard, mouse or game pad

    Minimum System Requirements:

    1GHz Pentuim III or AMD Athlon

    256MB RAM

    8x Speed DVD Drive

    3.6 GB Hard Disk Space

    64MB Video Card

    DirectX 9 compatable sound & video drivers

    Keyboard, mouse

  • 4 years ago

    verify Your DirectX version.bypass to 'run' and variety 'dxdiag'.Is it the main cutting-edge version 9.0c? If its upgraded, the only situation i'm able to discover is with ur motherboard. with the aid of fact, I also have a working laptop or laptop configuration the comparable as u with the exception of the motherboard.and that i've got comprehensive the sport!

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