How can I make sure my dog knows how much I love her and appreciate her?

My darling dog has been so important in my life. Her sweet ways, all the love she has to give and how she makes me laugh. I would like her to know just how loved and appreciated she is and how important she is to me. How can I make sure she knows this?

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    Get her a $400 dollar dog bed from Orvis with her name monogrammed on it (this will actually make it $405). Make sure you tell her how much it cost.

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    i have had a dog my whole life so i can tell by how maxwell (my dog) follows me around everywhere. and he is protective over me also. we now have 2 dogs and has to assured that he is no. 1 by doing the same things we always do like snuggle and take walks. whenever i am outside he always has to be at my side, so i feel, if he feels this way he knows he is loved and appreciated.

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    Whenever you talk with her, do it with a soft gentle voice. Make sure her tail is wagging. That shows she likes you. Give her lots of hugs and walks and treats. I'm sure she'll know how much you love her. Animals are very smart that way.

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    Dogs understand affection through touch more than words. If you're snuggling, petting and playing with your dog then she knows you love her. You can tell by the wag in her tail and the little kisses she gives you that she's getting it.

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    by always including her in your day to day life as much as possible. that way she feels important in the 'pack'. i'd say she already knows how you feel, your behaviour towards her would be clear in it's meaning.

    she's lucky.

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    Always treat her nicely.Never yell at her.Use a gentle voice with her.She proubly already knows how much you appreciat her..

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    sounds like she already knows. Sounds like you take very good care of her and she you. Keep doing what ever it is you are doing and she will know you love her.

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    Walk her and feed her good and play with her a lot.

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    dont worry so much

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