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Need some ideas on what to make with some clay...?

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    Take a small ball of clay, about the size of a baseball and put your thumb in the center. start pushing it around in your hand while cupping it. squeeze untill it is uniform in thickness and then set it down and flatten the bottom a little. This is the basic pinch pot. Other things can be done , just have fun and enjoy the textural sensation. Mash, squeeze press objects into it for impressions. etc. Have fun with it. The act of making is more important than the finished product.

    Source(s): Retired art teacher.
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    When a person has a block then the best thing is to doodle. You doodle with pen and paper and you can do the same thing with clay.

    Start by squishing it, roll small pieces and put them together. Make a small crazy statue...smash it...make a pot...smash it again....just keep doodling and it will come to you.

    You may want to look at some ancient clay pottery and see what is in there to create as your own.

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    It depends what haunts you !!!!!!!!!!

    may be some vessle or vase, some teddybear, birdie, flute, drumlet, statue, some fake organ, or may be simple pills.

    You can get an idea which haunts you most !!!!

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    have you thought of a bust of a loved one?

    or an ash tray

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    A man you can name "Adam".:)

    Sorry, I had to.

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