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i don't get this,why are people so angry with the killing of Saddam?

i mean people in india hate bush now people keep on shouting down with hitlerism of george bush, this man is evil! why are they burning candles in memory of him!

i dont get it

someone please explain?

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    i would love to know the answer too.i agree with you i just don't understand how people can feel sorry for the man who is responsible for torture rapes and killing of thousands and thousands of innocent people.the mind boggles!.

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    I find it ironic that they executed a man like Saddam whose killed around 20,000 people while completely ignoring the number of people Bush has "killed" by sending his troops into a war that shouldn't be fought in the first place.

    I also find it ironic that they killed him on Eid, a celebration for the Muslims. It's so disrespectful and beyond my comprehension. In order for you to understand how disrespectful this is, compare it to the U.S. hanging Bush on Christmas Day.


    Trust me.

    I'm angry.

    I am not a fan of Saddam; i'm a fan of respect.

    To all those saying the Iraqi people wanted this... give me a break. The media can make any claims they want and the people will believe. Just because a few people want him killed does not speak for the majority.

    And he did not get a fair trial. It was supposed to last much longer. And i find it completely ironic that the "trial" ended just in time for Eid.

    Look, ...i'm not defending Saddam. I'm just stating that there was a better time for this. Like tomorrow. Why TODAY?

    There are no coincidences.

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    I can't explain its madness I'm feeling OK about though

    I don't suppose they did much shouting when the evil ba*tard was doing all of his bad deeds

    Why blame Bush the Iraq.people did it,its what they wanted

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    If you look at the history of all civilizations, people are united by a common enemy. For the United States and our allies, this common enemy is reffered to as "terrorism" but for people abroad who are already angry with the United States, they'll look for anything that they can to support their cause.

    The people that are angry probably aren't intelligent enough or intentionally overlook to completely comprehend that 1. The United States did not *kill* Saddam, 2. Iraqi Citizens brought him to trial and executed him and 3. He killed hundreds of thousands of people during his terror, so his death brings justice for all of those who suffered under his reign.

    FYI: Saddam got an appeal by the Iraqi court....and lost. He DID get a fair trial. He used to KILL PEOPLE IN THE STREET who opposed him.....are you KIDDING ME? Fair Trial....that's BULL.

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    It's an easy way out for him.

    He should be left to rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

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    because, even though sadaam should have been put to death, the whole world did not need to see it, and they shouldnt have made a video of it. thats just wrong.

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    many, many people are severely troubled with the death penalty anytime it is exercised

  • LeRoy
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    1 decade ago

    they too are the victims of their own media which makes everything we do the wrong thing.

  • human tendency

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    I dunno...I am glad that he finally got what he desserved though...

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