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I need help?

I was wanting to know what I should do if I went to the doctor and the test came back positive and then about a week later I started leaking some stuff that looked like the last day of your period does that mean I lost it?


I'm about 8 weeks along if that helps....

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    Not neccessarily. :)

    Some women get their period or something like it even while pregnant, though only in the beginning.

    Go see your doctor, really. I don´t feel good about giving "medical" advice to a person I haven´t seen. :)

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    This happened to me with my 3rd child. I was 7 weeks pregnant and started to bleed and i also had a dull ache in my stomach like a period pain. I then bled again at 12 weeks. They never did find out why it happened but thankfully i am now mum to a 5 month old baby boy!

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    You should go see a doctor... better safe than sorry

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    it might but you might still be pregnant

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