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Can someone help me?

My computer is blocking me out of certain web pages. Like My Space and a few other pages. Why cant i get these pages to come up? Please help...

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    You need to adjust your security settings. Go into the menu, Internet Tools, Security, and make your adjustments. If you are using a computer at school or work, you might not be able to access or change those settings.

    Good Luck and a Happy New year!

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    go to tools, internet options, connections, then you will see LAN settings, then you will see a check box(or all will be checked) uncheck the last one(that should uncheck all boxes) then save it. after that refresh your page and then try going on my space again.

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    That once happened to me. What i did; i went to tools>internet options>Privacy and lowered the nob, just a little.

    I was able to enter myspace.

    It may have something to do with your privacy, dealing with cookies and security settings. Maybe.

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    your computer has figured out you need to focus your energies on more productive things. Or someone who has adminstrative rights to your internet has blocked these sites.

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    try to restart your computer, if the problem is always here check your internet options

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