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I am having a New Year's Eve party at my home for 25 people. What are some fun ideas adults ages 25-35?

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    An orgy is always fun

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    I find that I can easily prepare food and drink for a party, but once it is in motion, it can be stressful trying to entertain everybody.

    If you can handle it financially, I suggest making this arrangement with your guests: you will provide all the food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) they need. Even if the party is at night, have some food that is actually filling. Chips are great, but a little real food keeps people partying longer. For drinks, try to have a good selection so everyone can get what they like. Or you can have two or three options that should come close to satisfying everyone: beer, wine and one cocktail, premixed if you like. Also have pop, juice or virgin cocktails available for non-drinkers.

    BUT, in return for your hospitality, your guests have to prepare some kind of entertainment. They can come prepared to lead charades, a drinking game, have a couple of good mixed Cd's, etc. (You should have a couple of back-up options just in case.) You can let events unfold as they will, or draw names from a hat to see whose turn it is to lead the show.

    I find this makes party-planning simple and actually lets you enjoy your own party. Cheers and good luck! Happy New Year!

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    What ? How can a new year eve party be without "Twister" ? Just kidding !!

    But as usual, not everybody in a group will participate. I always set up some board games that can be played by up to 6 players. If more wanted to play, 2 or more can be put together to form teams.

    To spice it up, you can always impose unique rewards and/or embarrassing penalties, only the host can determine all that as the level of acceptance will vary. ( Novelty trophies are cheap and I like to make the losers eat something wierd, like raw oysters etc)

    The classics are the best. My favorites are,

    Monopoly, Double Decked UNO and Jenga. ( rewards & penalties not included )

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    A fun ice breaker is to have each guest draw a slip of paper out of a can when they arrive. They are not to look at the paper. It is then pinned to the back of their shirt, where everyone else can see it but them. By asking only yes or no questions of everyone, they must guess who they are...i.e. what the paper says. This takes almost no prep time for you, just make out slips of paper with names on them. You can stick with a theme...cartoon characters, movie stars, comic book superheroes, etc. It may take a few hours...it may take a few minutes to get started, but it is fun and gets people talking, even when they don't know each other.

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    I love to bring out the Karaoke machine!!! Regardless of what people say they like to karaoke too!!!! I find it very amusing to watch a bunch of adults that think they can sing try to prove themselves!!!! Me and my husband have parties all the time and everyone has a blast I get calls all the time asking when are we having another party!! So, serve a little alcohol some good party foods and watch your guest have a BLAST!!!

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    I've been throwing great parties for decades. The best party game ever is one which doesn't need explaining, so you don't have to interrupt their fun to explain. First you take a small object of any kind that can be passed around (a rock, knick knack) and give it to one person. Take them aside privately and tell them to give it to someone else without explanation. Tell them to give it to the person with the nicest watch, prettiest eyes, shortest pants, the person they'd like to be on an island with, whatever. Tell them to have the person bring the object back to you. Then tell that person to give it to someone else for another reason (nicest hair, whatever,) and have that new person bring the object back to you. At the end of the evening (or during a slow, boring part) go around the room and have everyone tell whom they gave it to and why. Gets pretty funny, and you don't have to interrupt the evening to play!

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    ideas!right place. 1)if couples tell the husband to find there wife's sandle.2)if not couples tell them to stare at a someone(if girl stare a boy, if boy stare a girl) for atleast 1 min.

    3)if couples play musical chair.

    4)not couples tell to tell 100-1 no. but starting from 100.

    rules:1)don,t show the husbands the sandles

    2)dont let the player blink till 1 min

    3)firstly the couple have to hold hands

    first time gents will sit down on the chair and on the top will sit the wife secondly the gents will sit on the wife.

    then all the musical chair rules

    4)dont let them exeed the tme limit

    dont let them take a breath

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    Before the party, request that every bring 8 quarters.

    The last person to arrive goes first.

    Person must state something they have never done before. Anyone in the group who HAS done it, tosses a quarter in. (Ex. I have never parachuted out of an airplane.)

    Eventually everyone but one person will run out of quarters. Last person "standing" gets all the quarters!

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    Most adults like to just eat, drink and mingle.

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    Ice breakers are always fun.

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