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Women. At what point would you call it off with a man if...?

he continued to hurt you to the point of tears but you really were happy with each other besides all the pain he caused you? I am mean, I know, but I really like her. I want to have hope but I think she is done with me!?

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    Excuse me, he hurts the woman to the point of tears, but you really were happy besides all the pain he caused you? So did the tears come after the happiness?

    It is noble of you that you admit that you are mean, why are you mean? Were you hurt as a child? Are you hurting now? Why are deliberately making this woman cry? Maybe you should consider getting counseling to figure out why you like this woman, yet you are mean to her.

    Do you feel you deserve to be with her?

    In spite of how you treat her, she is still with you, so she must care, or even love you.

    Ask yourself, would you want someone to treat you the way you are treating her? Would you want a man to treat a female relative of yours the way that you are treating her?

    To answer your question, at what point do you call it off, well, I personally, have a very low tolerance for bull-crap of any kind, I might have let you make me cry the first time, but the second time, you would be out of my life.

    Life is too short for games, and it is not good to play with people's emotions, remember the law of Karma, what goes around, comes around.

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    I hope I would have the guts to call it off quite soon. To me, a relationship should add to my happiness, not take away from it. I would not stay with a guy if we fought a lot or he often hurt me.

    If you really want to keep this girl, go see a counselor and see if you can learn some constructive ways of communicating with your girlfriend without hurting her. Or, maybe the two of you are just not compatible. Sometimes we stay with people who we are attracted to but really do not have any solid foundation for a relationship.

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    I'll put it like this...she may stay and take it for a good while because she "loves" you and think you may change.....but eventually she will call it quits....same thing happened to me and it took me awhile to wake up...but when she does wake and realize that she wants to be treated better...she will leave. Or even worse is when a guy comes along that does the complete opposite of you and treats her the way she has always wanted to be treated she will be gone even faster....A women usually knows shes going to break up with you way before she does it....

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    happy should not come with having to deal with pain something is wrong with that kind of relationship.can you blame her if she is done with you.

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    time to move on

  • i wouldn't even let it get that far. i would be long gone

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