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is it necessary to wear long sleeved shirts when praying?

when a muslim prays is it necessary to wear long sleeved shirts?

it's a form of modesty, is what i was told.



^^sweety^ : Way Alaikum Salam! :o)

Update 2:

fish: actually this started over 600 years "After" the death of Christ, so he couldnt have 'Ended' it :o)

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    For men...they have to be covered from the navel to the knee. So feel free to wear any type of shirt you want. For women everything except for face and hands, there is a difference of opinion about the feet.

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    lol i admire that kinfolk guy! i'm wearing that ideal now as a results of fact I fell down and have been given a stain on my shirt so I positioned on an prolonged sleeved shirt. lol I oftentimes positioned on short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts i like to layer :D

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    A Muslim mans awrah is from his navel to below his knees. If the essentials are covered, it shouldn't be a problem. If long sleeves make you feel modest while you pray, then do so. There is no problem when it comes to short sleeves.

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    No it's not but Muslim men can't wear tank tops because there are some of their bodies are considered Awra i.e. parts they can't to show to the oppisite sex.

    some other body parts are anything from the belly button to the end of thies. ( for men only )

    Therefore you must cover them, during prayer as well.

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    men has nothing like this they can ware till shoulder and the pants fron ur navel to knee i mean below knee

    and women have to ware full sleeves and till the ankle from down

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    Just another form of legalism that was ended by the coming of Christ.

    Oh, but He did end it. You just continue to make new legalistic rules rather than follow Christ, the true God.

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    well ya i guess it's better if u do, but it aint compulsory.

    the aura (i.e parts of body that should be covered) for men is from navel to knee only.

    eid mubarak!

    Source(s): my Islam text book - lolz!
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    Where I come from, only if it's cold in the church.

    Otherwise, I'm quite sure God has much bigger fish to fry.

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    You arms have to be covered til below your ankle

    and yr legs til below your knee

    hope this helps


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