Skin Irratation After Body Waxing?

What is the best form of lotion or oil to use after a session of full body waxing? My skin gets very irratated and usally inflamed after a waxing session and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to lessen or stop it?

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    The person waxing you should have something they put on your skin after the waxing is over.

    Ask the salon you go to.

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    The best oil for your skin after a waxing is Vitamin E. This is what the stylist will apply to your face after a wax.

    You can take Vitamin E in pill form, it doesn't have to be applied to the skin. Or if you'd rather apply to skin buy Vitamin E in a liquid format, probably at a health food store, and apply with cotton ball.

    I do this around my eyebrows every time i pluck them and it works really good. no white flakys. i take Vit E pill too in the winter cuz the weather is so dry in the midwest.

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    IF u do it alone use the special tissues included in the package.If there aren't any of those (which would be pretty weird), try to put pressure with your hand on the waxed area. It's effective ,believe me!

    I guess u don't go to a professional salon, otherwise u wouldn't ask this question. Professionals, u see, apply a special oil which is really soothing!

  • Depending on wot you do after one of these sessions - have you ever done a bi-carb? If you go straight home and you've a half hour to spare this works like a dream. Make a paste out of Bi-carbonate soda and water. Put on body and leave til it dries like a powder. Removes all irritation and inflamation. Shower off and add moisturiser. Aloe Vera is great.

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    there are different types of wax. i guess should use the wax for sensitive skin. as for after waxing coconut cream is excellent, it allows ur skin to feel soft and stops it from further irritation. or maybe you just might have a allergic reaction to the wax itself. get your skin checked by a dermetologist it might answer your question even better than i can. good luck.

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    Well if it happens each time you do it I would think that your body is trying to tell you something and you are just refusing to listen to it.

    Ask the person that is doing it to you what you should use or call someone that does it and ask.

    This is what happens when you rip out large amounts of hair.

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