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where is agood school outside of KY for psychology?

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    If you want to be a psychologist, then you probably will have to get a Ph.D in psychology. I've heard that it takes a Ph.D to open your own clinic or to work for an employer. (ex. a hospital or a school) I think going to a good university to get your bachelors degree is good enough. It is more important to go to a very good graduate school with a very good psychology program.

    Here are some good schools that offer a bachelors in psychology:

    Marquette University, Villanova University, Auburn University, Purdue University, University of Texas-- Austin, Brown University, UConn, Clemson University, Dartmouth College, UNC at Chapel Hill, Duke University, University of Oregon, Gonzaga University, Indiana University, University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University and Yale University

    Some very good schools with a great psychology program at the graduate level:

    Marquette University, John Hopkins University, Villanova University, Duke University, Auburn University, Yale, UConn, University of Georgia, University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Dartmouth College, UNC at Chapel Hill and Syracuse University.

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    It depends on what you want to do with your psychology degree. I went to Ohio State University and got a degree in independent studies in psychology. It's an honors program so you can define and focus your learning experience. I focused on mental illness, counseling and addiction. You can take the standard program if you plan on going into the corporate world. The University of Dayton, Ohio has what is called a PsyD program that is very good as well. I also looked at the University of Tennessee when I was thinking about moving there. If you want to focus on pshychology as a healing profession, I suggest you look at universities that also have a medical school. You will gain a lot more experience and opportunities there.

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    According to US News the best schools are Stanford, Berkeley, and U Michigan Ann Arbor. While these rankings are for graduate programs, as someone else pointed out, the excellence likely extends to undergraduate work as well. Unfortunately, you must pay $14.95 to see more rankings than just the top 3.

    As a Stanford student in the undergraduate psychology department, I can agree that it is excellent. Courses are varied and interesting. Professors are easy to talk to. Research positions are not hard to obtain, and you can work in a lab for fMRI imaging of emotion or the psychology of aging or cultural psychology and more. I have also enjoyed studying developmental psychology at a nursery school down the road that is affiliated with Stanford. Admissions are competitive, and it's certainly a great school.

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    If you're thinking of graduate study in psychology, you should check out the U.S. News and World Report issue that rates colleges & universites. That issue typically provides a rating of graduate psych. programs.

    The University of Minnesota's program in psychology is highly regarded.

    "Currently, the Department continues to rank as one of the top psychology departments in the world. We are a broad spectrum department with strong programs in both basic and applied fields, including:

    Biological Psychopathology

    Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research

    Cognitive and Biological Psychology

    Counseling Psychology

    Industrial/Organizational Psychology

    Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavior Genetics

    Quantitative/Psychometric Methods

    Social Psychology

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