When is New Zealands tourist season?

I want to visit New Zealand in the off season when is that? And is it true that NZs seasons are tottally reverse than the States? ie june and july is the coldest time of year over there

It would help alot if you could give me a link.

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    Yes, New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, and hence, their seasons are reversed from ours. It is summer there right now. Peak season begins in mid-spring (October) and runs through mid-fall (April)

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    It is Summer in NZ at the moment. But remember that it consists of two islands and they have different climates. So winter would be July / August.

    The North Island is a lot cooler than the Southern Island.

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    it truly relies upon on what you pick to do, the outstanding element approximately new zealand is you are able to go snowboarding, power 2 hours down the line and then go browsing. July-October is snow season so thats super for snowboarding and snowboarding. then Decemeber- March is super simply by fact its summer time. in case you intend to paintings then commute, you may paintings with kiwi fruit from jan - july then commute the remainder of the twelve months. some super spots are Milford Sound, Mt Rhuapehu and Lake Taupo. Theres thousands greater data on my weblog

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    amz's answer strikes me as... interesting; "pretty hot all year round"? amz must be a penguin to say such a thing. And it's possible, because they live here. I'd say brace yourself for Oregon weather year round, and you're prepared. It's currently summer, and you get sun, cloud, and rain every day, temperatures start at about 8 Celsius and go up to 18 to 20 Celsius. This is not a hot country, OK?

    Off-season is as of February. Still wonderful weather, and keeps going till about April.

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    Have you seen their current (summer) temps - they're in the low eighties! We were there in August (winter) and the temps were cold at night & cool in the day - very pleasant. I thought it was beautiful - highlights were Rotorua and the south island was incredibly beatiful - snow capped mountains that ran almost to the sea and sea lions basking on the beach - amazing.

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    Now is the time to visit NZ.But remember their sun is very dangerous as ozone layer is damage big time. Travel catalogs are not going to tell you this. Winter in the States,Summer here.

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    yeppy june and july is coldest but its still not tooo cold ive livved in newzealand all my life and its pretty hot all year round expect for them 2 months they cool down a bit!! email me about any q's about nz if u want its amieleanne06@yahoo.co.uk!

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    i believe tourists can be hunted at any time of the year in new zealand.

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