I want to rest but never have time I need some pointer's?

always on the go doing anything

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    You'd better get rid of some things from your schedule. Here are some tips to help with that:

    1. You don't have to do everything that other people want you to do. If something that someone expects of you doesn't fit with your values and goals, you shouldn't feel obligated to accept it. Just turn down the request politely.

    2. Don't forget that appropriate rest and exercise is necessary for your health. You may feel that taking time to rest will make you less efficient because you are using that time for something else, but I believe that it will actually make you more efficient because you will be sharper and better able to handle what's going on mentally and emotionally.

    3. Have you decided to do anything that you don't really need to be doing right now? For example, if you're taking a class that isn't really necessary for your livelihood (an art class, for example) perhaps you could leave that for a time and go back to it when you have more time.

    I hope this helps!

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    Time has not changed since the dawn of mankind, what has changed is the amount of things to do that we try to cram into that time. Time is a man made concept, anyway, I always hear people say to there kids hurry up and get in the car, hurry up and get out of the car, so I told myself I would never to that to my kids. And I don't. I sounds like you don't have any hobbies, get one and spend 10 mins a day at it, it helps. If you have children, slow down and make sure that they are involved in only one or two things, most kids are so over scheduled( its like their parents are afraid to be around them) that you become the driver to all events. Are you afraid to be doing nothing? Americans work really hard, they consider doing nothing a waste of time. How can you waste time? No such thing as wasting time, time is not tangible. Lastly, go to a hospital and visit dying people, you will NEVER hear a dying person say, gee I wished I would have worked more, what you will hear is I wished I would have spent more time with my family, and friends, I wish I had been nicer to those around me etc.. there is only one way out of this life, so slow down. Life is like a bottle of wine, to be savored and enjoyed slowly. Make yourself sit for 5 min a day and do nothing, just doodle, and another 5 min everyso often, lay by the pool, lay on the sofa and watch tv, read a book, cook, do anything and something for yourself and if you have a family tells them all that this is me time and not to inturrupt unless they need to go to the hospital. Life Is a wonderful gift, so open it enjoy it, savor it use it and have fun and play with it. Good luck

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    i have the same problem, i'm always on the go but i try to de-stress every once in a while. some suggestions:

    1. read the comic section of the newspaper with your morning coffee and laugh out loud if you feel like it

    2. enjoy shower time. Indulge yourself even just once a week. use a fragrant gel (lavander is an especially soothing scent) or shampoo

    3. drink chamomile tea in the evening before you sleep; if you're not a tea person, warm milk can really soothe frayed nerves

    4. burn some aromatherapy oil when you sleep (lavander or jasmine is rather calming)

    5. indulge in a gulity pleasure!! like chocolates or a good movie. you don't have to do this every day. at least once a month can recharge you.

    6. drive with top (or windows) down so you feel the cool breeze on your face... really refreshing... granted, of course, that there's not much pollution in your area :D

    7. have dinner with good friends! you do have to eat your meals so why not spend this time with people who make you laugh and with whom you're comfortable

    8. carry a stressball with you everywhere you go :D

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    It IS very important to take time for yourself...people who work non-stop or who are always on the go usually have lower immune systems and usually aren't that happy (in my experience.)

    I suggest that you just learn to say "no." Practice it. I imagine that not everything you're doing is vital so just start weeding out some things...don't stay late at work and leave your work at the office. Don't feel pressured to go out for social events every night of the week.

    Start small...start with a statement like, "I will be home every Monday night by 5:30 and I will spend that time just resting."

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    1 decade ago

    youre overbooked?

    cancel your appointments and just stop

    I worked 14/7 for 3 years and 14/6.5 for 5 years, i had 2 days off one because i popped my knee out of place. and one because i was sick. and during that whole time i had one 2 week vacation.

    man, i ended up homeless and owing the IRS 10k and living off my credit card for almost 3 years.

    Now im in debt up to my scalp

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    Sort out your time, and manage it equally, so you will have some free time.

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    Even though you are extremely busy, you have to make time to nurture yourself.

  • 1 decade ago

    just take a break

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