Why isn't my ps2 working?

I got two ps2. My first ps2 doesn't on any of my ps1 games and ps2 games. Every time I pop in a game it always show "reading error."

Okay now for my second ps2, the only game that works for it is Grandia 2 and the rest of the other games it doesn't work. That's odd if it works on Grandia 2, then how come it doesn't work on other games. Oh and by the way, all of my ps2 games are in good conditions. Any help on how I can fix any of my ps2 consoles would be appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this happened with ours. we put it in to get fixed and all it was, was a dirty laser try giving the laser a good clean.

  • 1 decade ago

    put them one on top of the other, then light them on fire. in hopes that they will melt into a super PS2 (or PS2.5). If not, then at least you will do us all a favor and get rid of two peice of crap PS2's!

    one of them must have been a peice of crap to begin with, or you wouldn't have two of them...and imagine that the other one is a peice of crap too! Playstation's suck!

    Source(s): i've played every system known to man
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