Why don't people fully read the questions here? They are usually brief questions. What's the rush?

I see questions here all the time that, when I read the answers, I realize people did not read the details, and were just firing off a first-blush response to the subject line. Why is that?

And, also, I see a lot of people thumbs downing something that, if they read carefully, I think they would either let be, or even thumbs up. I remember an answer on the religion boards here that said, in part, "Jesus was God, made man." Automatically, this post was inundated with thumbs down from the generally Christian respondents to the question, who were swarming over every other Christian-sounding answer with thumbs up. I really believe they were reading it as "Jesus is a God, made up by man." BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE. Have you never heard that phrase? Don't you read every word in a 5 word sentence? - And if not, then why not?

So I am asking you why you do this, if you do, and asking "Will you change; will you slow down some and read more thoughtfully the comments and questions here?"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    People are in too big of a hurry becuase ifthey are the first few answers (and the question goes to Unresolved status) they could cop best Answer that way

  • 1 decade ago

    People are in a hurry.

    They jump to conclusions.

    They don't think but have opinions.

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