My computer died/ I was told that I needed a hard drive?

How can I find the best compatible hard drive for a cyrix iii 7 years old computer?

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    1 decade ago
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    7years old time to look for new pc

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    Hmmmm your machine is very last Century and will not work with a modern HDD.

    Your computer has maybe a 8Gb HDD installed or something like that.

    These are no longer available new. And second hand ones are as old as your machine and not likely to last long.

    Consider purchasing a new computer

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    1 decade ago

    It has a CDrom, right? It can run from that, without ANY hard drive! And, it can run any hard drive, that you can stick in there, that is IDE. If you insist upon trying to run Microsoft windows, there is a setting on the >60Gb drives, so they run as 32Gb drives on older BIOS systems, like yours.

    You can get certified and refurbished smaller drives from the vendors listed below here.

    Microsoft FAT, FAT32, and NTFS filesystems are definitely designed to 'destroy' hard drives. It is part of the "trusted Partner" program!

    I get lots of them, in my shop, that the customer want updated, to larger systems, or, that won't run Windows, and I re-partition them, re-format, (takes about 1 minute!), in MacIntosh computers, and, in GNU/Linux and *BSD and they have run upto 10 more years!

    Some of the Yahoodiots would advise you unwisely, being that they recently left their positions in the village! I run lots of 'old' IBM Cyrix systems, on my network! Many have 1Gb to30Gb drives!

    Meanwhile, run one of the 310 FREE OSes that boot in the CDrom, run in RAM disc! At least until you find a hard drive! Then, you can click on the INSTALL icon!

    Now, the system could be installed on any hard drive from 6Gb up to a 32Gb drive. Your older computer probably has problem reading any hard drive larger than 32Gb. You might not find a BIOS update that would fix that. But, lots of drives exist, up to about 30Gb! Try these! all have drives, cheap...

    YMMV! And, there is eBay... Have gotten some great deals there!

    With any one of the 310 LiveCDroms, installed, they take over the BIOS and can then read any sized drive. Even Wal Mart has new drives for $69.95!

    If you decide to purchase a new computer, please put a 1Gb to 30Gb drive in the old one, and one extra NIC, and install FREE on it, (it runs headless!), so you have a really fast internet connection, with true safety and protection!

    I am running lots of computers, 100 Mhz up to 450Mhz, on and all run upto 50X faster!!!

    Source(s): 5500 FREE games, programs, Suites! FREE firewall on a old, dedicated, headless box. for 310 distros!
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    Buy any IDE harddrive. But you better buy a new computer. If you just buy another harddrive, you have to install all the software you need. That means you need to have all those old Software/CD or licenses. Otherwise your 7 yrs old PC won't be fast enough to run the new S/W (Win XP, MS Office etc.).

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  • 1 decade ago


    Ebay is a great start.

    After that try putting details in google and following links.

    The next plan after the above have failed, try taking your computer to a computer market or shop that deals in second hand comps and asking them.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can start with second-hand shops or computers repairs centers, they probably give you the drive FOC. If you can, its time to buy a new one. There may be more problems to come.

  • 1 decade ago

    Buy a new computer.

    A 7 year old computer is already a museum piece.

    Problem solved.

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    4 years ago

    ok, properly relies upon what u . s . a . you reside find on pricing. In australia, you may get a 750gb with 7200 rpm for $239 (sata II). in my opinion, i might carry on with the sata basically for the installation is trouble-free once you have comparable type. based returned on your gadget, stressful tension installation in all fairness straight forward, some structures even deploy whilst dealing with dos. be chuffed to touch me in case you like extra data.

  • 1 decade ago

    any IDE (a.k.a. PATA or parallel ATA) drive should do it... go for the smallest capacity you can find

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