cant connect my router with out looseing my local area connection?

the local area gos away when the router hook s and then i have to switch it back forth all time because the area connect is gone and im done with please anyone thats this stuff help

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    What are you using? Is it a Cisco router? If it is, you can connect to the router via the console port (if you need to configure it) and still have your LAN connection.

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  • 4 years ago

    each and all the recommendations seem analyzing your question in any distinctive case than I do. i've got have been given faith you're asserting the desktops are appropriate to the router with wires (ethernet cables) and you're certainly no longer able to get a wifi sign. i might think of of the router isn't wifi. If it does not have an antenna sticking up from the back, or noticeably says it relatively is a prompt router then it is not a prompt router, yet particularly a router in uncomplicated words. as a thank you to be conscious your prompt (wifi) adapter to get get admission to to the internet, you will p.c. a prompt router. you're able to desire to apply it as nicely to the router you have already have been given (a trick to place in), or merely replace the router you at the instant have. good fulfillment

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    1 decade ago

    if your router has one connection - plug it into a switch or hub and then plug the other PC's into the switch or hub also

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