Where can I find plans for building a geodesic dome?

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    Dome builders hand book I & II (both out of print)

    Timberline geodesics



    A book called "Geodesic math and how to use it" by Hugh Kenner, explains every detail of the math and shows how to create much more evolved shapes. It is a "must have" if you want to build your own design, it was just reprinted and you can get it on Amazon.

    Google or other search engines for web sites.

    There is a guy in Oklahoma City that has a pretty neat method of construction, but I can't remember the name of his company.

    I have always (since 1960) dreamed of having a dome or several clustered in the trees, but the constraints of building codes, tract covenents and the lack of finacial backing of lendors for "oddball" housing have stood in the way. So owning your property outright and paying cash for your dream home are your biggest problems...oh yeah, they tend to leak at the joints (hundreds of joints) so use a rubber membrane over the whole shell. LONG LIVE THE BUCKY BALL! and the memory of R.B. Fuller the most maligned creative genius in the universe, please read all you can about the man and his ideas, building a dome is a spiritual quest not just a barn raising. GOOD LUCK!

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    If you use PVC pipe for the edges, the store that sells them will also have connectors. They come in all shapes and sizes ... bring along your plans to see which angles are correct. A place like Home Depot or Lowe's has a big enough selection to have the right angles for that.

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    me and the wife are goin to build 2 of them on our property out back one as a garage and one as a play house for the kids. this web site will link you ta all of that

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    Try here my help you.

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