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is bush the modern day Hitler?

that guy is crazy

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    Bush in nothing but crap!! Hitler was a man of great personality, bush feeds his daughters johnny walker...

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    What the hell are you talking approximately? whilst haev they ever stated that they opt to get rid of the middle East? i'm able to understand in case you opt to argue that Bush is in it for oil or in spite of.....yet i don't think of he's there to get rid of the Arabs. Why could there be such somewhat some efforts to get a democracy set up over there in the event that they only opt to exterminate them? As for comparing him to Hitler, it somewhat is virtually the main ignorant factor you're turning out to be stated. Bush would have added motives or he would be misled....yet he isn't the evil guy that Hitler replaced into. purely when you consider which you do unlike a number of that Bush has carried out does not make him Hitler. Hitler brazenly stated that each and every person Jews, handicapped, blacks, Muslims, and so on mandatory to be fact purely leaving healthful white Christians. He had over 6 million Jews killed, and hundreds of thousands of alternative demographics killed to boot...totalling better than 11 million human beings killed. Calling Bush (who I doubt is even smart adequate to be even interior the same league) the recent Hitler is purely undeniable stupidity.

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    I agree with you, Bush is crazy! Modern day Hitler...your trippin! Have you learned anything about the reign of Hitler? There is really no comparison! Bush is just a rich guy with rich friends. Hitler would kill your a$* for being different from HIM.

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    YES <YES<YES<YES<YES ,and how many more times will it take to sink in .

    It took Hitler 20 years to seize power and start a war George did it in 2 .

    He has flaunted the constitution brought back torture and end privacy in America .

    Hitler blamed the Jews and Bush blames the secular progressives .

    The only difference is Bush has not got the support he wanted in order to take over America .

    He thought he could do it but so far he has been Unable .

    I look for a nuclear explosion to occur in San Fransisco in the port on or around 6-12-2008 This will give George the chance to use nukes . He is like a big kid who has a pile of fire crackers but is told he can not play with them till the time is right .He has sat around and waited for 6 years and is getting tired of waiting . He needs just a little more then a few buildings in New York and the pentagon to get away with using nukes .

    See if he does he will be the first president to unleash a hydrogen bomb which is 10 times more destructive then the first atomic bombs and his name will live in the history books forever.

    Everyone has heard of Hitler but how many people know about Wilhelm Maybach or other great people in history .

    Truman will live on in history with Roosevelt but soon Eisenhower will slip into obscurity along with the first bush although Reagan will live on because of his movie career .President during ww1 ? Woodrow Wilson but I needed to look it up .In a group of forty three how many stand out .The ones killed maybe , probably not cause who remembers McKinley or Garfield We still remember Kennedy and Lincoln .

    George bush wants to be remembered by History and eludes to it all the time . He has said History will judge his presidency in 100 or so years as being responsible for changing the Middle East .

    This is why Bush scares me Two options exist for him now .Assassination or nuclear war . We Know he does not like the first one so he is left with Nuking Someone .

    Truman will be remembered for his atomic bombs dropped to end ww2 and I fear Bush will be remembered for using them in the Middle East .

    By the way the final solution was the removal of all Jews not the extermination of all Jews in Europe . As more and more documents are allowed to be viewed people can see Hitlers plan was to remove them all from Europe Millions fled to central Russia and today The Russian mafia is heavily controlled by Jews who ran the black markets and worked to undermine socialism to profit from providing drugs , loan sharking, gambling and prostitution and today illegal arms trading . I fear that money as the means to a free and happy life is the ruin of any society .

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    No, and this isn't the first time the far left has accused an American President of being Hitler. If Kennedy hadn't been assasinated in 1963, they'd say the same thing as the Red Armies of Indochina turned up the body count in that war. All you left-wing nuts make that false comparison because you want America to be defeated in time of war.

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    George Bush couldn't carry Adolf Hitler's ..ball$ The answer is NO Way.....

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    No, Saddam's Hitler! He strapped bombs to babies and strangled his own niece in his bed in front of his son! He was teaching him how to strangle people! He's the Hitler. Sadaam deserved to be hanged!

    Source(s): fox and cnn news
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    Well........I reallly hate bush but i dont believe that he is the modern htler. I think thats George W. Bush is just stupid, but not evil, welll not AS evil as hitler. PS. Great question, really made me think :)

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    No, Bush is not like Hitler.

    Hitler planned things.

    Bush stumbles through things... C student ya know

    although the both have a history of *REALLY* bad decision making

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    You are allowed to have your opinion. I am sure that the president appreciates your comment. For me, I don't appreciate you comment at all. Comparing any man to Hitler borders on insanity ! Think about what Hitler did and stood for. Our President believes in Freedom , Hitler believes in control. Do you even know about Hitler at all ? I sure doubt that you do.

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