why the teachers and all the people think that listen to CannibalCorpse's Songs may be dangerous for children?

Why the teachers and all the people think that listen to Cannibal Corpse's songs may be dangerous for children?I am a special fan of this band and i see,there's nothing to belive in their songs for children!!!and they are not satanists.and some of the horror films covers are really worse than Cannibal Corpse's album covers and children can buy this films and cannot buy band's albums!!!!!!!!!

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    I myself like Canibal Corpse,however, I would never let my son listen to them. They ARE satanic. Have you ever truly listened to or read their lyrics? Talking about killing people and how you are going to bury them and all the brutal things they say aren't for young minds. As far as the horror movies go..I wouldn't let my son watch them either. There is a certian age that you should be watching what your children are listening to. If my son was 16 by all means listen to Canibal Cospse,Slayer,Opeth, or whatever. Until then, he will not listen to them. Children aren't mature enough to know that it's just a song or it's just a movie. That's why I would never let him listen to CC or watch a horror film.

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    To begin with the name is enough to make me never want to even hear them the first time. I do not know this group and never have heard their music. The name is enough to tell me that I do not want to heari t.

    I will not make a judgment that it is dangerous or not for children to hear. I will say that by choosing the name they have said they are deliberately being impolite and radical.

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    These lyrics are problem:

    "To kill, is why I live" (Buried In The Backyard)

    "I crave gore, I'll eat your guts

    I love gore, blood drives me nuts

    I drink blood, I don't like water

    Intestines my cud, I feast in the slaughter

    Twist its neck, make it crack" (The Undead Will Feast)

    "Raging fires of hell, burning through my soul

    My love for a dead ****, I cannot control

    The child soon will rise, all evil will survive

    Birth through death" (Born In A Casket)

    and lot of other their songs

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