Does anybody know if reincarnation was proved using hypnosis or it is just a myth?

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    Religious arguments aside, and speaking from a scientific perspective only, we know that the human mind is capable of great levels of imagination and invented memory, both in our waking and our sleeping states. Using hypnosis to "find" past life memories really only triggers the imagination - at least that's the current scientific position.

    The interesting question is COULD it be proven using hypnosis? While the scientific method does not allow anything to be absolutely proven (only disproven or supported), there are scientific experiments that could be (and probably have been) done to test the theory of past lives:

    What it would require, however, is for a person who has been exposed to no information whatsoever about some historical period somewhere (in this life anyway) to remember a life spent in that era, and to accurately describe details which might be known only to historical experts. IF that happened, it would lend some support to the theory that we have active memories of past lives. However, I'm not aware of any reputable experiments which have found this kind of result. Most evidence suggests that we do not have past life memories.

    Let's assume that this is true, and we have no past life memories. That does not disprove the concept of past lives itself - it would at most mean that memory is a physical rather than a spiritual function, and that _if_ past lives theories are true, that the person being reborn does not bring with him actual memories of that life. Whether past lives themselves exist or not is entirely unprovable, just like most central tenets of most religions.

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    Here where I live the people really do believe it and a person will come back according to the way they lived the last life. Some come as an animal because they were so bad and have to be good to come back again as a man. If a person is very good then the third time he will go to heaven to be with the enlightened ones.

    I sure do not believe this and totaly believe it is just a religious teaching as a means to get people to live together in peace.

    Then I do not believe in god either and many other myths.

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    I believe there are instances that reincarntation was proved thru hypnosis and also from dream reacall.

    Here are a couple of links which discuss cases of past life recall and how the details/evidence of the past life were verified.

    I personally have no problem believing in past lives. I have had 'past life readings' and when I heard some of the information I remember feeling like, - right! this makes sense. However, Some of the readings did not 'ring' true.

    When I hear about someone else's past life reading, Most of the time it sounds like a 'made up' story! and i take it with a grain of salt. So, for me it's important that i am open to sensing 'truth' for myself liek I said - with a grain of salt! I haven't been one who has been able to recall verifiable information.

    You need to judge for yourself. Here is some information that i found that has documented the past life recall:

    When i had information from a past life it helped me come to terms with situations in my life at the time. Afterwards I was able to 'move on' and resolve within myself what I had gone thru. Past life information sometimes can help you thru a 'karmic' situation.

    I personally can't prove past lives but it's no longer necessary to have proof. If there is a 'click' or 'ring of truth' I say ok and move on! If it doesn't hold that 'click' I let it go and don't worry about it.

    Another way for me to verify a reading is to have several readings and if the same thing comes up from different sources, I accept the 'synchronicity' of it as my 'aha'!

    I have enjoyed reading and researching about the subject in the past. The most i have gotten out of my research is confidence in the accuracy of what i feel and knowing i have strengthened my own intuition. It hasn't failed me, yet!

    the whole discussion of past lives isn't all that important other to open one up to the fact there might be a whole lot more going on than what meets our logical minds! It only proves we are much more than flesh and blood, and logic.

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    You don't even need hypnosis to prove it. There are several good exercises or meditations that will help you to bring up past life memories.

    Small children often speak about former lives and memories but parents usually tell them that it is just there imagination, so they forget them rather quickly.

    When My youngest was about 3 he was telling me about something that he had done. It did not seem to make sense so I ask him when it had happened. He said it was when I was big like you.

    I said you were big like me. He said yes but I was a lot older than you are now, and my hair was white.

    love and blessings Don

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    Christians reject reincarnation for two main reasons. The first is because the Bible does not teach it, and in fact makes it clear that when we die we don't return to earth again but enter eternity—either with God in heaven or apart from God forever. The Bible says, "Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" (Hebrews 9:27).

    The second reason Christians reject reincarnation is because Christ has paid the full penalty for our sins—totally and completely. He did this by His death on the cross for us. You say you hope to become perfect some day in another life—but Jesus has already made us perfect in God's eyes, by taking away all our sins! The Bible says, "But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Corinthians 6:11).

    Think of it: Every sin you have ever committed can be completely cleansed, if you will turn to Christ in repentance and faith! Don't be deceived by a false hope, but put your faith and hope in Christ today.

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    Reincarnation, while an interesting and sometimes fun idea, is manmade and not truth.

    In all creation there are physical counterparts for spiritual truths. The counterpart for reincarnation is the physical birth of a baby. While yet in the world of the womb, the unborn child developes that which he/she needs to survive in this world. He/she developes organs, muscles, the skeleton, legs, arms, eyes, etc. All of these are not essential in the world of the womb, but are developed to prepare the child for this world. If the child in the womb does not develope one or more of these physical features, he/she will be born physically challenged to say the least. In these cases, the child does not return to the womb to develope that which was not yet developed. The child must learn to live a productive and meaningful life with his/her challenge. It means he/she must work harder in this world because he/she didn't develope the essential appendages, etc. in the world of the womb.

    So it is in regards to humans in this world. We are developing spiritual attributes that are preparing us for the next world (eg loving kindness, justice, trustworthiness, compassion, caring, etc.). If we don't develope these attributes before we pass on we will not return to this 'womb' so to speak. We must work harder to progress in the next world and to attain the attributes we lack.

  • Jay Z
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    1 decade ago

    If hypnosis could prove anything, it would be allowed as evidence in a court of law. [Perhaps some states are ignorant enough to allow it, but authorities agree, it is inaccurate at best]

    It is appointed for man to live once, die, and then be judged.

    Source(s): Hebrews.
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    1 decade ago

    Hypnosis has unfortunately been proven to be filled with "false memories." It's no longer used in court cases because of it's unreliability.

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    There have been cases where, under hypnosis, people have described locations they lived in earlier lifetimes. Places they have never seen in this lifetime.

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    There are real cases that prove reincarnation, but the world keeps them on the downlow, so keep lookin'.

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