how can i ask out my gym instructor?

I have a crush on my gym instructor. I'd like to ask her out. not b/c I think we would match terribly well but rather b/c I thik we may both have fun with it. Some facts to consider:


a) I find her attractive b/c she is really fit (duh!) and b/c she is so obviously very different from how I am and in addition seems very careless

b) she always complements me on how I do in class

c) she makes more small talk with me than with others and sometimes we walk to the subway together after class


a) I don't want to make her uncomfortable, and I'd like ot keep going to her class

b) She's much older than I am -- in her mid-40s. I am in my late 20s.

c) She's not the brightest bulb -- but being together with grad students all the time this may be a nice break, keeping in mind that I wouldn't want anything serious and am rather looking for some fun (and would only do it if she were in the same position)

Has anyone done this? Any tips?

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    1 decade ago
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    Just ask her and go from there.

    Most likely she will not accept. Even if she thinks you are the gratest things since pajamas the fact that she is your teacher makes it very difficult for her to date one of her students.

    Another reason might be that she is a tom.

    Another reason may be that she has a mean dude for a boyfriend.

    Ask and then you will be over this for a while.

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    Hiya hun. I'm Sue, Liverpool. I don't really know how to put it so here goes. You sound so sweet and caring. Your teacher probably does like you. Pupil and teacher relationships though. Very dangerous!!! If your teacher did go out with you, she will risk her job.You didn't say your age but i should imagine, 15, 16???? If you do like and care your teacher, then maybe, you could send her a note, a card, a rose. You'll put her on the spot. She will feel so bad and well, how will you feel. I'm not speaking on behalf of her, but being a teacher myself, i know how i'd feel. Whatever you decide though, good luck, take care!!!!


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    well try to be nice to her and do not rush. if you want you could ask if she is uncomfortable being with you, but i think she is comfortable because she makes small talks with you than others and she compliments the way you do. try to feel her emotions towards you.

    never do everything in a fast way. i mean take it slow. tell it to her gradually. she might get shocked.

    never be scared. that will only hinder your emotions towards her. you might not know but maybe she likes you. (just assuming).

    be yourself. that is why she likes you. because of who you are. be cool and stay the same. do not over react to things that you usually do not react to. in short, do not change your attitude and personality.

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    1 decade ago

    That is a very good strategy to get out of running laps.

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