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Why is it so hard for Christians to understand the idea "Your morality stops at my front door"?

This was deleted, I figured I would ask it again.

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    Because I don't go around converting. Ask my non-believer friends. A

    Edit..and what is your morality? Should yours be allowed in?

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    Because this is somewhat of a myth. Morality can not start and stop but is pervasive in society. One form or another will be the "norm" or accepted morality. No one is to concerned about behind your door but you are not ignorant of the fact that it is what is accepted in society where the battle lies. An immoral society can not maintain its freedoms but is bound for a life of servitude. So its the fact that it does not stop at your door but leaks out to all of life.

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    The ideology of "Let god into your life" is a little unrelenting at the best of times.

    If people have a strong belief in something such as religion, where the founding rules are that people like you will be spared a horrible torturous after-life or whatever they will call it, its actually rather cute that they want to push themselves into your home and try 'save' you from your beliefs. I have found this problem as well, you just have to grin and bear it. Arguing with people who have been conditioned into a way of thought which is spurred from another persons ideals is just lunacy. If they wanted to rationalize their thoughts and beliefs even to form a side of an argument, you would undoubtedly find that they could not. as most of the time people just want to feel special and looked after. Having a belief in something / someone (god) even if it is a little zealot at times is perhaps good for that person as they must need the thought of that support in their lives. Don't try to down play their feelings and beliefs. Just go with it and forget everything they try to convince you of if it is not right for you. At the end of they day they are trying to protect you from the 'evil' which they believe is all around us.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    If you believe in killing for revenge, I have a right to have you arrested for murder. Your front door doesn't stop the law. [Morality]

    Society works with laws. Anarchy, as you are suggesting, does not. I for one feel safer with instituted laws governing the land.

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    Nope, Much of our morality is set down in laws now that extend throughout America. Sorry bout yer luck.

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    simply because God doesn't recognize your front door. He is inside the house with you and has a standard for your life. You can't shut Him out. you might ignore Him, but that does not change the fact that He is your Creator and has the authority to set a right and a wrong way for you to live.

    god bless

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    It is ALL about power, if the religious zealots (of ANY variety) wield the power where ever and when ever they desire they maintain control. The instant they are kicked out of our bedrooms and homes the instant they lose power! The sooner the better!!

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    It doesnt stop there if your having sex with a little kid ,you can be in there getting it up the rectum for all I care but touch a child and we will bust your front door down

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    Depends. If you are manufacturing meth then we have a right to knock your door down, arrest you, and take your children.

  • Joe C
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    Because you don't understand that your lack of morality stops at OUR front door, and our society revolves around decent laws, not insane ones or lawlessness altogether.

    Either we impose our morals upon you, or you impose your way upon us. It has to be one way or the other, sorry.

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