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Is there such a software as in the movie "Clueless" that organizes, mixes and matches all your clothes?

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    Yes, it's on the same download site as the s/w that brushes your teeth, combs your hair, and wipes your butt.

  • I don't think there's one. But if you're interested, you can get a programmer to write one for you. It would involve putting in some rules about color combination and what type of clothes should be worn during specific seasons. The software would also need to be updated with the new clothes that you buy.

    I've seen in TV how some Japanese department stores have programs which would project on the screen the clothes they sell plus put the customer's face on top of it. This is to give the customer an idea of whether the clothes would look good against their skin tone.

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    I hope you be jokin

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    yes, i have it too.

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