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Information on Mumbai?

I am interested in purchasing some old books (2nd hand, now ofcourse out of print, fiction as well as non fiction). Which is the best reliable second hand book store where I can get these books . If possible can I have their telephone # and email ID

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    Are you sitting in Mumbai?

    If yes the start wandering in the city, you'll fine the shop.

    If out of Mumbai then explore your own city as there are many such shops in every city.

    Best of Luck

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    Old books can be bought from DN Road in VT area (platform shops) otherwise near Grant Road station on western line you may find lot of old book shops.

    These shops are make shift kind of shops and hence do not operate with phone numbers

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    Try the Strand bookstore. The people there are very helpful. They sell mostly new books but will usually help you get any book you need, new or old.

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