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Mactan visit?

I am planning on going to Mactan and possibly staying at the Plantation Bay resort there in Sept, coming from east coast USA.

Any recomendations as far as airlines, other hotels or resorts or possibly a house rental. If I leave there after 21 days on passport, how long before I can return and get another 21days? If I leave there and go to Australia, do I need a visa or will the American passport do? Any Island hoping ferries/boats you recommend from Cebu?

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    i never been there.. but i heard its really a good place.. try this sites:



    i dont think there is a flight from US straight to mactan.. you must first go to manila, then maybe take a connecting flight to mactan, or a charter plane or a ferry boat..

    SuperCat Customer Care (ferry boat to cebu)

    (+63 32) 2337000

    (+63 32) 2349630 to 34

    Fax : (+63 32) 2349667

    eMail : scat-customercare@SuperCat.com.ph

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